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Eric Cary, candidate for Maryland State Senate, violates every stereotype!

Eric Cary 14th district Maryland State Senate candidate
Eric Cary 14th district Maryland State Senate candidate


  • frank navy 6 years ago

    as a person who lived in Annapolis I can see the up hill battle this man is setting himself up for.these liberals in MD are not just talkers,they are doers with an agenda.I know for a fact that they will stop at NOTHING to smear,degrade and beat down this man.
    I wish him God's protection and strength.

  • Ann Miller 6 years ago

    If Frank Navy's comment is right, then that's a testimony to Mr. Cary. The libs go after those they fear. They attack most viciously conservative women and minorities. Go Eric Go!

  • Rock 6 years ago

    I live in Montgomery County, Mr. Cary has my vote and anyone I can talk into wanting more freedom.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    He is not what he claims to be, he also had an affair with his now wife while she was still married.

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