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Eric Cary, candidate for Maryland State Senate, violates every stereotype!

Eric Cary 14th district Maryland State Senate candidate
Eric Cary 14th district Maryland State Senate candidate

I had the pleasure of meeting the Senatorial Candidate from the 14th district of the State of Maryland, and I couldn’t have been more profoundly shocked! To begin with, this very imposing candidate, (all 6 ft 6 in and 360lb.) is a self professed “redneck” pickup driving conservative male. Forget the fact that he hails from one of the most democratically dominate state senate areas, or that among his hobbies, he loves drag racing, and calling conservative talk radio shows, but he just happens to be one of those guys you see attending and giving speeches at tea parties also!

Eric Cary is one of those guys that sees himself as the everyday average American Conservative male who is tired of the present day business as usual political scene. He has gained popularity, and quite a following on Facebook, much in the way Democrats have used it in the last election scene. He is computer savvy and has used his social networking skills to his benefit, to build a base to unseat longtime Democratic incumbent Rona E. Kramer in the predominately Democratic area of Montgomery County.

Eric Cary describes himself on his Facebook site as first and foremost a conservative, both fiscally and socially, and a Republican second. In an in depth talk, he stressed his desire to return to the well designed, and structured U.S. Constitution, the document that he fears the country has strayed so far from in the last 1 ½ years.

Mr. Cary feels that the Maryland State Legislature has strayed from those same values, and basically denied ownership in the current Maryland State deficit, instead blaming the past administration for the “structural deficit.” Mr. Cary has declared that looting the various State department’s surplus will bring Maryland into compliance with a state mandated balanced budget, but it only serves to start the year out with NO reserves what so ever. Unrestrained spending despite federal Stimulus Funds of 4 billion dollars and countless “pork barrel” grants have STILL left this state 2 billion in the red, and it’s about time the government listens to the people! As Candidate Cary said, “We don’t want to be recipients of the handout scraps of the federal government, Maryland should be able to survive on its own.”

He feels that the political tide removed a Republican Governor in Maryland the last election, and the very same wave that took him out could also restore the state to Republican Governorship this go around. As Eric says, “what goes around, comes around,” and the same dissatisfaction that thrust our state into a totalitarian Democratic dominance could also restore a two party legislature to this wonderful state!

Eric Cary invites every freedom loving conservative Face book fans to join him!

Or on his website:


  • frank navy 5 years ago

    as a person who lived in Annapolis I can see the up hill battle this man is setting himself up for.these liberals in MD are not just talkers,they are doers with an agenda.I know for a fact that they will stop at NOTHING to smear,degrade and beat down this man.
    I wish him God's protection and strength.

  • Ann Miller 5 years ago

    If Frank Navy's comment is right, then that's a testimony to Mr. Cary. The libs go after those they fear. They attack most viciously conservative women and minorities. Go Eric Go!

  • Rock 5 years ago

    I live in Montgomery County, Mr. Cary has my vote and anyone I can talk into wanting more freedom.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    He is not what he claims to be, he also had an affair with his now wife while she was still married.

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