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Eric Cantor's loss: a win for the Tea Party and the Democrats

Eric Cantor's defeat is a win for the Tea Party, but may mean a huge loss for the Republican party and a win for the Democrats.
Eric Cantor's defeat is a win for the Tea Party, but may mean a huge loss for the Republican party and a win for the Democrats.
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The recent primary for the Republican party nomination in Virginia's 7th district has given the Tea Party the boost it needed over the current Republican incumbents. However this victory for the Tea Party may have just given the Democrats exactly what they needed to control Washington. That's not to say that the Democrats are going to take the majority in November though; but this election has offered up something that the Democrats may use to gain control in a way other than numbers. David Brat's win in the primary has prove that the Republican party is irreconcilably split. If the party can't even manage to get one of its Congressional leaders reelected, in a political climate that allows more than 90% of incumbents to keep their jobs every two years. This only goes to prove the growing influence of the Tea Party in American politics. However the growing power of the Tea Party may not be as good for conservatives as it my seem, as it also has the side-effect of weakening the Republican party giving more opportunity for the Democrats to rise in power.

If the Democrats are smart they will use this to their advantage after the elections this year, after they will certainly have lost their Senate majority and more seats in the House. In order for the Democrats to maintain power they are going to have to use the moderate Republicans to their advantage, prove to them that only by working together will they stop the Tea Party from gaining anymore ground in their party. Currently the non-Tea Party Republicans still maintain control of the party, if the Democrats are able to realize this and work with the Republicans they will keep control of Congress. The odds of this are of course very slim, as another aspect of the current political climate is an inability of anyone to compromise or work with the other side. It will most likely end up with one or both of the parties failing to get over this hump. But again, hope is not lost for the Democrats. Even if they fail to compromise, they can still rest, somewhat, easy knowing that the Republican party as it stands will be unable to form a proper consensus. The Democrats will be able to gain their power through their opponents. The more seats the Eric Cantors of the Republican party lose the more powerful the Tea Party becomes, but the Republican party also weakens, strengthening the Democratic party for the future. As it stands, if the Republicans keep on the path they are going they are sure to face their worst fear in 2016. At this rate, though the Democrats are going to lose this year, their chances of keeping the White House and gaining control of the entire Congress are becoming greater by the primary.