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Eric Cantor loss proves that conservative values are still popular

As the shock of U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s huge loss to David Brat begins to fade, the realities of why Cantor got trounced is settling in, according to Yahoo! News on Wednesday. Naturally, the realization of Cantor’s demise is upsetting to the Republican politicians who have strayed from conservative beliefs and values – as well as upsetting to those on the left. The reality is that any Republican who dares to continue reaching over to the left - as Cantor has - may find himself or herself out of office. The notion that politicians must bend to the left in these times to stay politically alive has now been proven a false concept.

Eric Cantor
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Eric Cantor stepping down as House Majority Leader by end of July

Hardcore conservatives, like it or not, have asserted that full-fledged immigration accompanied by the extremely negative impact that massive immigration has on the United States' job market for American citizens is destroying America. They aren’t saying that they hate people who come from other parts of the world. They aren't saying that people who enter the country in the legal and traditional method aren't welcome. What they have continually said is that President Barack Obama and his administration's loose immigration methods obviously make it difficult for an American to have the America had by their ancestors in terms of job availability and a fair economy for themselves and their families.

Naturally, both jobs and the economy are getting worse in the country that allows others free access the to the job market and to the advantages of being an American made available by the government. America simply cannot be the job market for Americans and practically anyone else who wants to come to the United States. There aren't enough jobs for all those people - obviously. America simply cannot be giving handouts to everyone who finds their way inside the borders of the United States. While the likes of Eric Cantor don’t seem to fully understand this, Virginia voters get it. And now, Cantor is gone.

Congratulations to David Brat and the Virginia voters who gave the Republican Party the slap across the face it has increasingly needed for a long time. America has needed this reminder – whether one agrees with it or not – that conservative values are still wanted by many Americans in parts of this country. According to the New York Times, Cantor spent some $5.4 million to Brat’s $200,000 to win the election which means it’s also great to see that the voters couldn’t be bought this time around. The results weren’t even close with Brat getting 56 percent of the vote to Cantor's 44 percent. It was the ultimate "good riddance, Cantor!"

Cantor appeared to be as stunned as the media and pundits at the results of this election. It is one of many signs that he spent too much time bending on his conservative ways in the nation’s capital rather than visiting his constituents and understanding the desires of those he represented back home. In Cantor’s concession speech he said he had disappointed his supporters, and he did not try to analyze how he had gotten beat so badly. Truth is, he had been disappointing his constituents more and more all along and didn’t even have a clue that he was disappointing them profusely. Obviously, clueless was no way to represent the people.

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