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Eric Cantor Booed by Republicans at VA 7th District Convention

Eric Cantor Smug
Eric Cantor Smug
Eric Cantor Smug - Reuters

Eric Cantor got booed today, but not by liberals or progressives, but by his fellow Republican’s while he was giving a speech to the Virginia 7th District Convention.

Why did Cantor’s fellow Republicans boo him you might ask?

Well, Cantor called his primary opponent, Dave Brat, a ‘liberal college professor” at the convention. Well the crowd would have none of that lie, so they loudly booed him. They booed so loud that people couldn't hear Cantor speaking.

Cantor wasn't happy and even got mad and scolded the crowd.

Well, if you have been paying attention to this years primary race between Cantor and challenger Dave Brat, then you might know. Cantor has been running deceptive ads calling Dave Brat a “liberal college professor” who worked for Democrat Tim Kaine while Kaine was Governor of Virginia.

First, to call Brat a liberal is deceptive. Brat is a conservative and a disciple of conservative economic icon Milton Friedman. And Cantor knows Brat is not a liberal, but a conservative economics professor. Everyone who knows Brat, including liberal college professors, knows Brat is a conservative and no liberal.

Second, Brat was appointed to be on an economic counsel by Kaine, but Brat never advised Kaine on economic policy. Brat was one of many who made economic projections, but gave no advise. Kaine clearly chose Brat because he was a conservative, and Kaine needed a token conservative on the panel for political reasons to look fair.

And this isn't new for Cantor. He did the same thing to ultra-conservative Floyd Bayne, TWICE, first in 2010 when Bayne ran against him as an independent and the second time when Bayne ran against him as a republican in the primary. He blatantly lied and called Bayne a liberal.

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