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Eric Cantor booed and heckled on his home turf by his GOP constitutents

Eric Cantor

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Republican from Virginia who has been a political activist for the Tea Party, was not well-received by his political party in his home town. According to a Huffington Post report on Sunday, Cantor attended a GOP event on Saturday in his home district. Fellow-Republicans in his 7th District in Virginia were gathered at a convention to elect a new committee chairman for the political district.

Vote totals at the convention revealed that the incumbent chairman, Linwood Cobb who is a key Cantor ally, scarcely got defeated by a Tea Party candidate named Fred Gruber. According to the report, Gruber’s victory puts Cantor in a very bad light as Gruber is linked to Dave Brat. Dave Brat is Cantor’s primary rival for reelection. Brat, who leans right on politics like Cantor, has been endorsed by a good number of conservative groups. According to Politico, Brat has a slim chance of defeating Cantor. However, Cantor is taking Brat’s challenge with his multiple conservative group endorsements quite seriously.

Cantor attacked Brat on Saturday during the event and pointed out some inaccuracies that Cantor believes his opposition has made during the campaign. Specifically, Cantor said that when he sits there and he listens to Mr. Brat speak, he hears the inaccuracies. That’s when the overt crowd interrupted Cantor’s speech with heckles and boos. The obviously didn't like hearing criticism of Cantor's challenger being spoken by Cantor. The result of the situation is bad news for candidate Cantor.

After Cantor delivered his critical remarks of Brat and was clearly shown displeasure from the audience, the politician was openly agitated, according to the Washington Post’s report of the incident. Cantor told the crowd that the United States is a country of free speech, and therefore, decency is also a part of this freedom. In spite of reports saying that the Cantor race is not all that close at this point, such occurrences show that the momentum for a candidate other than Cantor is growing at a good pace. The Virginia primary will be on June 10.

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