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Eric Braeden goes on Twitter tirade again, calls fan an idiot

Eric Braeden goes on Twitter tirade again, calls fan an idiot
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Eric Braeden was rumored to be one of the reasons that Michael Muhney was fired from “The Young and the Restless.” It seems fans are not going to let Braeden forget that they believe this to be true anytime soon. As the ratings for “The Young and the Restless” continue to dwindle, Braden fueled the fire by firing back at a fan over a tweet.

Braeden’s Twitter tirade began with a tweet from a Michael Muhney fan. Today, May 13, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that not only did Eric Braeden call the Michael Muhney fan an idiot, but his rant continued when fans called him out for his poor behavior. Many “Young and the Restless” fans are calling for CBS Daytime to fire the veteran actor.

On the other side of the aisle, one “Young and the Restless” fan pointed out that the original tweet was intended to bait Eric Braden, who portrays Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” The back and forth on the Celebrity Dirty Laundry fan forum has taken on a life of its own. But this is not the first time that Braeden has become combative on social media with a fan or blogger.

This is not the first time Eric Braeden has resulted to name calling on Twitter. In February 2014, at the height of the fallout over Michael Muhney’s abrupt termination, Braden called a blogger an “utterly uninformed b**ch” saying that the blogger should “kindly keep UR DRIVEL 2 urself.” This attack on Twitter came when the blogger compared the Michael Muhney/Eric Braeden drama on “The Young and the Restless” to the drama that once played out between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Susan Lucci on “All My Children.”

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that over the weekend Braeden continued tweeting. The tweet that reignited Eric Braeden’s Twitter drama came from dgtronic who responded asked, “how is @michealmuhney [sic] doing after u caused him to be fired?” Braden replied, saying, “@dgtronic you are totally uninformed, you idiot!!” The reply to the fan’s tweet sounds similar to the tweet Braeden sent out to the blogger he called an “utterly uninformed b**ch.”