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Erhabe: crazy Arabian drifting


The most viewed and wildest drifting video on youtube today is "Erhabe", featuring crazy Arabian drifters and bringing in over two million views! These talented Arabian drifters are great driver's however they fail to host responsible events. The drivers depicted in the video are known to the locals as "al-mofhet" and are considered bad people. They are known for doing bad things and the people of Saudi Arabia want them to stop and become good people! The video footage below shows Arabian "Erhabe" style drifters doing some pretty crazy, unsafe drifts!

Erhabe is roughly defined as the following:

Erhabe: 'air-hob-ay'

"(aka: Dubai Drifting) Crazy Arabian style drifting in which you throw your car back and forth across the road completely out of control. Usually performed by family sedans like the Ford Taurus and Hyundai Sonata. Origin: Saudi Arabia"

Basically, the sport of Erhabe is to throw your vehicle back and forth across the track and maintain the lack of control. Performed in such a crazy manner, Erhabe drifting usually leads to stalls. This is considered okay and actually brings respect if purposely placed upon stop. The more smoke the better! The higher speed you can maintain for longer distances while sliding from side to side, the more entertainment value leading to higher scoring and victory.

A grand finale spin of multiple revolutions is awesome! In most extreme Erhabe drifting, occupants will actually sit on the window sills. Insane! Check out the example image below, you can see how the car drifts through crowds. The car is going so fast the still shot makes the crowd look like ghosts! Amazing!

There are two forms of Erhabe, one is legal and the other is not. Public Erhabe is extremely dangerous and is shown below. According to an informal interview conducted with a Saudi Arabian resident via email, the drivers in the following video are alleged members of "al-mofhet" and they are not good people. They are skilled drivers, but make foolish life choices. If they put their talent towards good things they might have lucrative careers in motor sport! Unfortunately, they chose a darker path of doing illegal things such as public erhabe drifting, selling drugs, and more.

The good people in Saudi Arabia are just as talented and put their skills to good use by performing erhabe style drifting in sanctioned events. It's more fun and safe counterpart, track Erhabe is a great way to learn how your vehicle handles under high speed spins. Erhabe style drifting crashes more vehicles than anything, so it's best to use a cheap car. Try out Erhabe style drifting in a sanctioned style event near you, and never on public road ways as illustrated below!

Video content: Erhabe crazy Arabian style drifting

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