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Ergo Proxy episode 22: Bilbul

Title screen
Title screen

We come to the penultimate episode of the series and one of the few times (or even only time) where the episode picks up where the last left off. Admittedly, the confrontation is a bit anti-climactic as Raul flees after Vincent/Ergo Proxy rips off his injured arm in order to keep the necrosis from spreading. It's a minor inconvenience as he just grows another arm any way before running off.

This episode is really dialogue and inner monologue heavy and the result is a mixed bag. There are some big revelations here and there, as well as some nice character confrontations, but there is also a lot of psycho-babble to fill out the run time.

Thematically, it's all consistent with stuff we've heard them talk about before; identity and purpose to be specific, but I don't think any conclusion or core thesis was reached among all the prattling.

The second half of the episode is where the episode really shines. It was nice to see Re-L go back to her detective roots as she puts the pieces together and deduces that another party was orchestrating everything. It was a pretty effective reveal, complete with ominous chuckling to build up the tension as said mastermind is revealed.

I'm a little unsure of how some of this is supposed to work. Vincent created Romdo, left because it was imperfect, and than adopted a new identity to forget he was ever a Proxy, but why keep going back? It's said that he wants them to reject him, but that makes no sense. Re-L's predestination also raises some eyebrows, but she subverts it anyway.

I'm still not sure where the show is going as far as the Re-L clone goes. The scene where said clone confronted Re-L was effective, though Re-L even took that in surprisingly good stride. I would have been a bit more unnerved for a longer period of time, but she's seen weirder so maybe her shaking it off makes sense. Still, while Daedalus' reasons make some sense from a crazy jealous stalker perspective, it hasn't really moved the plot ahead all that much.

It just occurred to me that Re-L seems to attract those types. First Iggy, now this, it's weird.

One of the major highlights of this episode was the music. The score is magnificent. Music has been put to good use before, but here it really helps elevate what you're seeing and adds the necessary weight.

There's only one episode to go and from what little I've read, it's a major highlight so I'm looking forward to it. If nothing else, we should get a great villain monologue from the new Proxy as his motivations are revealed. It seems like there's too much to wrap up in 20 minutes, but we'll see how things play out when we get there.

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