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Ergo Proxy episode 21: Shampoo Planet

Title screen
Title screen

At long last, Re-L returns to Romdo (for real this time). Unfortunately, the party gets split as Vincent disappears and Pino gets separated from the group. In true Ergo Proxy fashion, things aren't as we left them as the city is falling into chaos as people have decided to launch a campaign to wipe out the autoreivs.

They do bring up a point as the robots have made people complacent, but you can't help but wonder if there was a smoother way to get people to stop using them.

I feel like this was supposed to be a big episode, but a lot of it fell flat for me. It's very disjointed and the fact that most of the characters act completely different for no discernible reason makes it hard to connect. Raul and Daedalus going insane would be fine character development, but the spiral was too much too quickly.

Things are presented as major revelations, but I'm not sure it amounted to anything. It just came off like padding to me.

There are some creepy moments, the council chanting in unison as Ergo Proxy confronts them was appropriately eerie and Re-L's conversations with the Bureau chief and Daedalus have their unsettling moments too. The prior especially as he mimes doing paperwork despite the fact that his desk is completely empty. I'm not sure what made him go nuts, but it was spooky.

The cliffhanger was also somewhat effective as Raul emerges after Re-L shoots Vincent to laugh maniacally. Having the bad guy laugh maniacally as the episode ends seems to work rather well as a cliffhanger. As to what his endgame is, I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

I think this is another episode that works better when watched close to other episodes. Then again, I've long felt that the Romdo plotline got shafted and wasn't really given the chance to develop as well as it probably should have in order for episodes like this to work so your mileage may vary.

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