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Ergo Proxy episode 20: Goodbye Vincent

Title card
Title card

Re-L seemingly makes it back to Romdo, the one caveat is that Vincent's consciousness is now in her head. It should be noted that he isn't "possessing" her exactly, he has no direct control over her thoughts or actions, but he is in her head nonetheless. She has no knowledge of his presence, making it difficult for him to find out how to get back to his own body.

It's an interesting idea, but there are flaws that exist in the execution. We learn that it isn't exactly Vincent in Re-L's head, but a facsimile that her psyche created to cope with the fact that she betrayed him. It makes more sense than a body jump, but it is still rather bizarre. I did like the perspective shifts as each personality took over, leading to the characters "waking up" in a place where they don't remember going.

As the episode progresses, you do start to suspect that something is up. There is a genuine sense of mystery as Vincent and Re-L start to question reality.

Unfortunately, it all falls apart in the final act as it is revealed to be an elaborate gaslighting endeavor by yet another proxy. We're not told a whole lot about this new one and the resolution doesn't really bring anything new to the plot.

I let the last episode's "all just a dream" reveal slide because I thought it worked well and had a legitimate reason for being there. Such is not the case here. It's especially bad as it comes right after an episode that used that reveal. Doing it once is questionable,but there's no reason two episodes in a row should fall back on that trope. I fear that the next episode will do the same thing with Pino or Re-L. Heck, why not fill out two episodes with dream episodes and give both of them a go? It isn't like we're coming to the show's conclusion and need to start wrapping things up, oh wait.

There was potential for this episode, I think it was just poorly placed and the script needed some tweaking. I also think that Hulu's laggy video player hurt any potential enjoyment I may have gotten from this episode as it made it harder to follow what was happening. Here's hoping that the last few episodes can get things in order because it would be nice for the overarching story to get some sense of direction.

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