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Ergo Proxy episode 18: Life After God

Title card
Title card

The episode opens with the crew finally arriving at Mosk, only to find it destroyed. While the reveal was effectively dramatic (complete with ominous music to accompany it), it was undercut to me by the fact that they saw the missile hit. It isn't like there was some neighboring city, so their shock seemed a bit off. It's later explained that they didn't really know what they saw, only saw a light, but it still came off as odd.

Even odder is the reveal that Romdo invaded Mosk and apparently destroyed it before. Why Re-L didn't tell Vincent this before they left is beyond me.

In any event, the shock of realizing that his journey was for nothing sends Vincent into an emotional tailspin as he starts to question his own existence. You feel bad for the guy and it gets to the point that even Re-L starts to soften up in an attempt to reassure him. It was heartwarming in its own way.

Vincent isn't the only one who starts to slip as Raul sees taunting visions of Vincent and we learn that Daedalus made a clone of Re-L in an effort to replace her.

The scenes with "Amnesia", an alien looking robot who happens to store Vincent's memories were probably one of the highlights of the episode overall. The dark lighting made things hard to see, but it worked by and large. The scene where Vincent and Re-L find his remains was rather creepy.

Overall, the creepiness is the highlight of the episode, and the series as a whole really. Even if you go weeks without seeing an episode, something like this can pull you in with its atmosphere and tension.

There are a lot of callbacks to things as the characters start to piece things together. I think those parts would work better if you watch the episodes in close proximity to one another. With such large hiatuses, the effect was lessened for me.

You might find yourself frustrated with the reveal that the answers they're looking for are back at Romdo. After all this time spent showing them venturing out to Mosk, having them promptly turn around and go back comes off as rather strange. Maybe that's why the invasion plot point was introduced, to establish a link to justify making the characters take a U-turn and go right back to where they started.

This was a pretty gripping episode. I loved the score and while the episode works as a solid one and done story, it does drive the story forward quite a bit. It looks like things are ramping up as we start to get close to the final episode. I'm actually pretty interested to see how this plays out.

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