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Ergo Proxy episode 17: Terra Incognita

Title screen
Title screen

This episode suddenly remembers that there was some sort of ongoing story line going on with Romdo and decides to jump back to that.

It's been so long that it was pretty hard to get invested. I almost feel like the story moved on without the conspiracy and now they're struggling to stay relevant. The focus is on Raul, who decides to turn on his masters and rebels. Apparently, he hasn't been the first one as all security chiefs end up learning too much and try to change the status quo.

I'm not sure why people still think that the outside world is toxic. People can clearly live out there just fine. I'm guessing that that's the big lie to keep everyone in the dome and maintain their power, but I don't know.

There's a sub-plot that centers around the trio finding a cave filled with strange beings who were altered due to a toxic gas. They're basically the Tommyknockers, which was probably an unintentional parallel, but I saw it.

The trio learns that, despite the fact that the gas is killing the beings, leaving the cave also results in their death. It seems like some sort of parallel to Romdo is being made, though it isn't made clear just yet. Maybe these were earlier proxies? The sub-plot isn't really given enough time to develop, but it still manages to deliver some decent creepy moments and the character dynamic between the three remains entertaining.

One thing that baffled me was the fact that revoking Raul's clearance took fifteen minutes. I'm sorry, you know the guy's gone rogue and you give him that window of time? It seems really dumb. Of course, given how things play out in the end it's a moot point, but it still seems like a ridiculous way of doing things.

I'll give Raul credit and he planned that out rather well. I'm not sure where the missile he launched is heading, and the episode doesn't make it clear. I guess we'll find out next episode. He can't be destroying Romdo as a launch would be moot, maybe Mosk? You know, to screw Vincent over and rob him of his chance to find answers. Given the vendetta Raul has, it would make sense, but we'll see.

This was a decent episode. I think that the story arc would have worked a bit better if it hadn't been tossed to the wayside for so long, but it still managed to work well enough. With only a handful of episodes left, it would make sense as they need to wrap up loose ends. Where things go from here, only time will tell.

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