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Ergo Proxy episode 16: Busy Doing Nothing

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With no wind to push the vessel, Re-L and the others find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with limited resources. I could have sworn that the ship had motors or engines of some kind, but apparently not.

Vincent and Pino manage to make due, but Re-L starts to get a little stir crazy. She tries to pass the time working out and observing her compatriots, but it isn't enough.

Truth be told, this episode is kind of boring, but I think that's by design. There's nothing for them to do, so we end up feeling the boredom that Re-L is suffering from.

The episode synopsis suggests that Re-L starts to go insane, but that isn't really the case. This isn't like "The Shining", Re-L remains perfectly sane for the entire run time, she just becomes a bit more irritable. It does lead to some amusing scenes here and there, but if you were expecting creepy nightmare fuel, this episode doesn't deliver that.

For some reason, the competence of these characters takes a nose dive. Vincent falls down a lot and repeatedly hits his head on the ceiling when he stands up. Even Re-L loses some intelligence points. How does she not know how to make spaghetti? You'd think a competent detective would have mastered boiling water.

If nothing else, the episode gives Re-L a chance to lighten up. While she doesn't partake in any of Vincent's and Pino's games, she does actually crack a smile and notes to herself that she shouldn't over think everything.

All in all, it's a missed opportunity. Normally, this show is pretty good at bringing solid one and done stories for episodes, and they could have done something with this, alas the slow pace and excessive padding leads to one of the more disappointing episodes of the series.

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