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Ergo Proxy episode 14: Ophelia

Title card
Title card

After the creepily intense powerhouse that was the last episode, we get something of a breather here. The premise follows the group as they come across another dome and decide to stop for a supply run. The town is abandoned, but that is only the beginning of the weird goings-on that follow.

It may not be an episode that brings you to the edge of your seat, but it does bring the peculiar. Events happen, than they don't, than something similar happens, but things change. At first, I figured some sort of time distortion was involved. To wit, things that didn't seem to make sense at first made a little more sense when another scene played out.

That doesn't seem to be the case, but you can't really be blamed for coming to this conclusion as the episode isn't really told in a linear fashion.

We do learn that doppelgangers are involved and Pino seems to be the only one who can tell what's what.

As much as I'd love to go into more detail about what happened, it's not made entirely clear. Vincent's doppelganger is revealed to be another Proxy who hated himself and decided to destroy everyone else in the hopes that it would end him. It's a bit of loopy logic that Re-L relates in an opening narration about something she believed as a small child.

This turns into some sort of inner conflict for Vincent as he has to fight his way out of a mental prison or a time loop or something. If I had known why any of this was happening, it may have carried more weight, but it only seems to be a means of espousing pseudo-philosophical dialogue about the self or identity or something. I'm not averse to having "be yourself and don't change for other people" be a moral, but it does seem out of place and seems more fitting for a show aimed at a younger audience.

This episode wasn't a complete bust. It had some strong elements. It was certainly mysterious and the threat was a unique one. It was just a bit too vague and seemed to be trying too hard. This episode also suffers from coming on the heels of an amazing episode, so taking that into consideration it doesn't live up, though I do understand the need for a more low key episode.

I seem to remember hearing that this show starts delving into parallel universes and it's possible that this lays the groundwork for that as we are given what could be different ways that events could have played out. Who knows, that might not be the case at all. I guess we'll have to see when we dive into the next episode.

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