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Ergo Baby Carriers

Ergo Baby Carrier
Ergo Baby Carrier

The Ergo Baby Carrier is different from most mainstream baby carriers. The Ergo carrier was designed to be comfortable enough for a parent to carry a baby for hours. Not only is it designed to be comfortable for the parent, but the design of the carrier places the child in a natural sitting position.

The benefits of baby wearing are numerous. Baby wearing promotes a stronger parent-child attachment. Babies who are carried in a carrier like the Ergo carrier tend to cry less. Baby wearing is also beneficial for cognitive development because babies who are in a carrier stay in an alert stage longer and can take in the visual perspective of the parent. Baby wearing also allows the parent to have both hands free to do household tasks, take walks, play with an older child, and more.

The Ergo carrier is one of the better baby carriers to achieve the benefits of baby wearing because it allows a person to wear a baby for hours without discomfort. It features padded shoulder straps and a waist band that spreads the baby’s weight across the shoulders and the hips. It also allows the baby to be right up against the parent instead of having a fabric barrier.

The Ergo carrier can be worn with the baby in front or in back. When a baby is placed on the front the baby is facing inward toward the parent. This position is beneficial for a young infant so the infant can learn facial cues and expressions. Outward facing front carriers for young infants may be overwhelming with stimuli. An infant insert is used for infants in the Ergo carrier. In the back position the baby is positioned on your back facing toward you. The baby is able to get a good view of his environment and what you are doing.

While the Ergo carrier can be used with infants, it is a popular carrier for toddlers. Carrying a toddler in arms or on a hip can be tiring.  The Ergo carrier allows a parent to handle the weight of a toddler for a long period of time. At the same time it gives the toddler a way to see what the parent sees.

The Ergo carrier definitely has a place in mainstream-baby-carrier-land. With the ability to carry a baby for hours comfortably, the Ergo carrier has made its mark. The Ergo carrier also has a variety of colors and designs as well as accessories for the parent who wants a coordinating diaper bag. Visit Thanks Mama for a wide selection of Ergo carriers and accessories.


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