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Erasing the sings of summer from your face

Even out your skin
Even out your skin
Skin Lume

Now that fall is approaching most of you are busy enjoying the end of summer and the last few days before your kids go back to school. Soon thoughts will turn to holidays and cooler weather in the months to come. Summer will be a distant memory but your skin may show signs of too much summer fun. Fall is an excellent time to get your skin back in great shape. This summer brought very hot weather to most states and the elevated heat directly impacts pigmentation issues. You may have noticed that you are seeing strong patches of sun-damage. How do you get your skin back on track again? To even out that skin tone chemical peels, skin lighteners, and professional maintenance treatments work well at restoring that beautiful glow. The one thing to remember is that it takes years to accumulate sun-damage so a series of treatments will most likely be needed to help even out your skin tone. One peel that offers significant improvement is the Mini-Melanage peel by Young Pharmaceuticals. This peels specifically targets pigmentation. If you are worried about the use of hydroquinone for lightening this peel has got you covered. The peel combines a natural lightener called arbutin to help diminish and advance the peel process. Remember that pigmentation is one of the hardest skin issues to treat so be patient with treatments. Results can be seen after just one peel but a series is recommended for best results depending on your skin type and pigmentation issues.Michigan Advanced Aesthetics in Royal Oak, Michigan has been treating pigmented skin issues for years and the Mini-Melanage peel is one treatment that has been successful in treating sun-damage and melasma. To find out more visit the link below.