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Equitable discussion of income inequity

Obama give "power to the minimum wage" fist to non paid voluntees
Obama give "power to the minimum wage" fist to non paid voluntees
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The rage among the progressive liberals these days wanting to avoid speaking of Obamacare is income inequity. They are using this meme to push for raising the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. Since gun control and amnesty for illegals did not receive the traction they had hoped for income inequity is their fallback position.

So exactly what is income inequity and will $10 an hour correct this injustice they claim they can fix. Economic inequity is the gap between the richest and the poorest usually among groups within the borders of a nation, but can also be used between different nations. In America the top one percent average about $1 million a year in income. The top 10% average $161,000 and the rest or 90% get by on $31,000. No surprise that in America different people with different talents get paid different amounts. You would not expect a heart surgeon to make $10 an hour and you wouldn’t pay your lawn guy $100 an hour. It is comparative worth of the different services. No one forces you to purchase either service but the government does force you to pay a minimum no matter what the service provided.

Raising the minimum wage to $10 will mean everyone will be forced to pay more for service from the 90% majority to the lofty 1%. Those making the minimum will be bringing home $21,000 before taxes, or less than the average. But is it unfair, is it a problem in need of a solution or just another feel good fix that will make things worse.

Every person on the equity scale does something no matter what the worth to earn their place. What if we just gave away enough to move people to what 90% of the country makes? Would that be fair or equitable? Well the median value of welfare is $28,500 and that is in exchange for no work at all. (Welfare) How fair is that to those at $10 or even $15 an hour that work?

When you talk of income inequity how about public workers making more than the average yearly wage of those they represent and work for. The median net worth of an American citizen is $120,000, the average net worth of a congressman, $912,000. This is not something our current crop of politicians like to point out. They also would prefer not to remind the nation that the one place in America that is growing during this recession is Washington DC. With one third of the nation’s wealth moving thru Washington an inequitable portion of that wealth stays in Washington.

If they really were concerned about income inequality they would have worked on it on off election years. They might have attempted to lower taxes and regulations that burden the engine of wealth, the small business. Don’t forget if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish he is set for life. To encourage work and innovation no person should be behind someone on welfare when it comes to wealth. Just lowering or eliminating some of the 83 programs that comprise welfare would encourage work.

It is ludicrous to even think that raising the minimum wage will do anything except put some out of work at the expense of others. Do the Democrats really think we are that stupid? Apparently so, or they would be pushing programs and ideas that will grow the economy and not pander to a small group of voters. Pursuant to the goal of minimum wage for all Obama is kicking off his “Raise the Wage” campaign at Central Connecticut State University. It would seem that campaigning to people that have not entered the real world is what Obama needs to do for a receptive audience. These students who are paying almost $9,000 a year will cheer Obama’s latest campaign blissfully unaware that most of them will be making $10.00 an hour with a four year degree. How’s that for equity?

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