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Equipment Report: The Java Press; Camp coffee at its finest

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GSI® Java Press

Any one who is an avid camper knows the importance of a good cup of camp coffee. Not the instant mix and drink, but a real cup of camp coffee.

Steam rolls from your tin cup as the mist rolls across the lake. You warm near the fire in your favorite pair of fleece pants, smelling the steam before you venture in for the small sip, while making sure you don't burn your top lip. Ahhh Heaven.

From the military camps of the Revolutionary War to the cattle drives of the old west. Camp coffee has been an historical and integral part of camping for hundreds of years. A lot of people are making it the same way now that it was made then.

There are many methods that I have used over the years. Such as; boiling water over the fire in a small pot, adding the coffee, simmering and removing from the fire. I then would add a small amount of cold water which would drop the grounds to the bottom of the pot. This is called the "wild west" method. I have also used the "egg drop" method. This entails essentially the same procedure, but after pulling the coffee from the fire, you crack an egg and drop it in the center, drawing the grounds to the egg. You pull the poached egg and grounds out of the coffee. Both of these methods result in a cup of coffee that will have at least a minute amount of grounds and what I call "mud" in your cup.

Both of these methods have worked well for me in the past, but on a canoe trip into the BWCA last summer I discovered in my locally outfitted equipment pack the holy grail to camping. The Java Press, by GSI® Outdoors.

The GSI® Java Press is such a simple thing to use. You boil water, poor it into the Java Press, add coffee, replace the lid and push down the press handle. The coffee grounds and "the mud" become trapped on the bottom of the press under a micro screen. Pour and relax. This results in a perfect cup of coffee. Its easy to pack and easy to use. The Java press comes in different sizes. Its also insulated to stay hot.

I recommend everyone makes this an essential item on there "to pack" list. Impress your family and Friends who think its rugged to chew your coffee while camping. It has impressed me every time I've used it.