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Equinox offers tips for 10 minutes to glow

Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

The experts at Equinox share their expertise when it comes to staying sane while planning a wedding. Don't sacrifice your sanity or your health along the way during the wedding planning process. Take 10 minutes and restore your glow and along the way decompress the spine, enhance overall circulation, deepen the breath and calm your body/mind.

1. Bridge Lifts: lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms by your sides with palms facing down. Inhaling, lift your hips toward the ceiling while arcing your arms up overhead alongside your ears. Exhaling, roll back down your spine while arcing your arms back down to your sides. Repeat eight times. (A Yoga Tune Up pose)

2. Single Supine Twist: Start lying on your back with legs extended. Pull right knee into chest. Place left hand on right knee and reach right arm on floor alongside ear. With left hand pull bent knee to floor on the left, rotating the spine, and roll your face in the opposite direction, to the right. Let gravity take over as you exaggerate inhale and exhale in and out of your ribcage. Inhaling, the ribs puff out, exhaling, all your limbs get very heavy, sinking you deeper into the twist. Ten cycles of breath, then switch sides.

3. Savasana: Lie on your back and soak in the goodness. Be still and enjoy watching your breath and your body restore itself. Feel the air on your skin and imagine the light of the day soaking directly into the cells of your body and giving you instant energy and vitality. Life is Good.

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