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Equine Health Symposium to be held April 3, 2010

Equine Health Symposium hosted by NCSU Equine Health Program & NCSU-SCAAEP
Equine Health Symposium hosted by NCSU Equine Health Program & NCSU-SCAAEP

The NCSU Equine Health Program & NCSU-SCAAEP will host their 2011 Equine Health Symposium on April 2-3, 2010. The Saturday, April 2 session is geared toward vets, vet students, and vet techs. The Sunday, April 3 session is designed for owners, caretakers and riders.

The sessions offered in the Symposium will provide horse owners, caretakers, and riders the most current information available on topics such as what should be included in a pre-purchase exam, first aid eye care, nutrition, geriatric care, biosecurity, infectious diseases, preventative care, and mare and foal care.

Attendees will received the most up-to-date information straight from the NC State University veterinarians and guest speakers on subjects that directly affect a horse's care and management. There will also be tours of the veterinary school.

Its overall goal is to bring new health information to horse owners. The discussions are aimed so that novice owners and experience professional trainers all have an opportunity to take home new information that they can apply to their horses. Exhibitors will also be available so attendees can learn about individual products or organizations during the lunch break.

This event provides a unique learning opportunity that no horse owner or enthusiast can afford to miss!

The cost of the clinic is $55 and includes a T-shirt and lunch. Registration is available online or onsite at the event. The Symposium will be held at the NCSU Veterinary Hospital in Raleigh. For more information contact the NCSU Equine Health Program.


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