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Equality Wars: Psychological vs Physical Disabilties

Tina elliott's service dog
Tina Elliott

Achieving disability equality continues to be a challenge for many people. While physical disabilities can be seen with the naked eye, many disabled individuals struggle to obtain understanding and acceptance when living with a variety of invisible challenges, in particular mental health disabilities. Much of these problems occur due to a lack of education and stigmas that society still attaches to mental illness. Some comparative thought can help when trying to understand the inequalities that occur between physical and mental disabilities. Some examples include...

...How depression can affect the energy levels of a sufferer.

...The physical effects that occur during panic attacks.

...Reliving experiences due to PTSD triggers.

Then compare these to physical disabilities in an unequal manner that could include...

...Being told to just ignore the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), as no different than telling someone to just ignore their PTSD triggers.

...Complaining that someone just had to have a heart attack, is no different than complaining that someone just had to have a panic attack to ruin someone's day.

All disabilities need to be treated with equality, understanding and care. In reality, anyone can be inflicted with mental illness sometime within their lifetime. So why not make the choice and treat everyone with the respect and understanding they deserve? There are many support groups and advocacy centers in and around the Saint Cloud area. By attending and participating with these mental health groups, we can make our communities a much better place to live in.

By Tina Elliott

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