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EQUALITY?! Really Governor Christie?!

“CHICAGO — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey delivered an unexpectedly blistering broadside on Tuesday against the Democratic Party’s growing emphasis on income inequality, warning that the movement would “drive America toward mediocrity” and portraying its leaders, like Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, as local liberals unlikely to ignite a national cause.”

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Congratulations to Governor Christie on his success in fundraising. Republicans are ecstatic over Christie’s performance in Chicago yesterday. He raised one million dollars in Chicago. The truth is Republicans have been distancing themselves from the governor. It is about a scandal that he caused, no one else. So now they are his cheerleaders? That doesn’t pass the smell test. Still, they are applauding him. It is most amazing, because they are applauding a man who may well be a criminal, while holding conversations about their lack of trust for President Obama. No matter how you shake it, a promise that you can keep an out of date policy in no way compares to what has been done in New Jersey! The president rectified the problem, but the governor is now refusing to comply, as he said he would.

Nevertheless the NY Times has found a way to blame it all on Democrats. They wrote the following:
Democratic Party operatives have churned out 11 different videos depicting Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey as a revenge-happy gridlock maker who cannot keep his story straight ... They are unleashing attacks ... they are coordinating strategy at the highest levels of the party ... Democrats are determined to transform him into a toxic figure, whose name is synonymous with the ugliest elements of politics: partisan bullying and backslapping cronyism ... The onslaught — some of it spontaneous, some coordinated — threatens to turn Mr. Christie’s tenure into a distraction, rather than the low-risk steppingstone that aides had envisioned.”

Nobody can say that Joe Scarborough, who really loves Gov. Christie, would wish him even the slightest harm. However, Scarborough weighed in on the matter.

“Monday, Joe Scarborough — the host of MSNBC’s "Morning Joe," which has provided hours of flattering Christie coverage over the years — raised doubts about Christie’s ability to lead the Republican Governors Association while going through the scandal.

‘"I trust Chris. I still take him at his word. But I’m always blunt, and the fact is, right now, he’s a distraction to the RGA," Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, said on his show.

‘"If Republicans’ job is electing governors and you’ve got a guy running the RGA that has Republican candidates running away from him, that’s a serious problem and he needs to sit down and do some soul searching to see whether he wants to defend charges against him or continue this. I don’t think he can do both."’

As to the New York Times,I guess they forgot that Christie won by a landslide because of the democrats who voted for him. New Jersey is a blue state. Then again Christie himself has forgotten quite a lot lately, and has stated that those things which were happening around him did not come into his conscious thought. Christie may not know what’s going on in his administration, but the rest of the world is not so negligent that they don’t know how they are being treated. Perhaps the governor needs to be made abreast of the difference between equal income and equal opportunity.

For many American’s, the inequality is a form or discrimination that cannot be denied. If ten men and ten women were given the same job at the same company at the same time that would absolutely be equal opportunity. However equal income is about how much the man makes compared to the women. There is a stark difference, and it is not one that is mediocre. A teacher will not be seeking the same salary as a CEO on Wall Street as Christie implied. That is ludicrous. Nevertheless, a female teacher who has spent just as much for her education as a male teacher deserves to be paid equally in that profession. That is income equality.

Gender Wage Gap Differs by Occupation, however, when women make equal or greater pay than a man, it is usually in a very low wage paying job. The Center for American Progress writes this;

"The median weekly earnings for all full-time wage and salary workers in 2011 were $756. Both women and men in the 4 out of 10 jobs with the smallest wage gaps notably earn below this threshold. This indicates that jobs where women don’t experience a wage gap tend to be lower paying than the average. But in the 10 jobs with the worst gender wage gaps—where men earn significantly more than women—men’s average weekly earnings are always at or above the median. In these jobs, men are earning more than the average worker, but interestingly women’s wages fall below the national average of $756 in 4 of the 10 jobs noted above.

‘Education, success, and occupational prestige are not enough to protect women from the gender wage gap. While data show that American women are in more senior managerial professions than other OECD countries, these high-achieving women are still disadvantaged by an above-average wage gap. Managerial professionals, CEOs, and administrators all rank in the top 10 occupations in which women earn less than men.”

By the way, the fight to stop Volkswagen from giving their employees the right to decide whether or not they want to unionize is preposterous. The employees could only achieve a better salary. That seems to be a huge problem for the resurfacing of Grover Norquest, as well as the surfacing of the unknown Bo Watson.

“The crusade by anti-union forces in Tennessee, including the state’s governor and senior senator, is as much a fight with Volkswagen management as with the UAW.

‘Not only are Republican legislators accusing Volkswagen of backing the UAW, some of their leaders on Monday threatened to withhold tax incentives for future expansion of the three-year-old assembly plant in Chattanooga if workers vote this week to join the UAW.”

The American people want equal pay. Money is important, after all, that is all it took for Governor Christie to win back some support from his own party.

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