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Epson LabelWorks™ kits are easy tools for customized labels

These kit(s) print durable, customized labels to improve and organize your home and office.
These kit(s) print durable, customized labels to improve and organize your home and office.
Courtesy of Epson

We’ve always wanted a label maker to organize our lives and to keep things like cables and wiring straight. Well, we have found one that fits the bill. It is the Epson LabelWorks™ Safety Kit and the Cable and Wiring Kit.

Here is the Epson copy for each:

Cable & Wiring Kit - Easily organize electronics wire ‘jungles’ by isolating computer, printer, phone and router cables, AC adapters, DVR cables, TV wires, lamps and more

Safety Kit – Print messages on glow-in-the-dark tape to identify emergency kits and supplies, use fluorescent labels to make emergency contacts stand out, or ensure sporting gear is labeled with custom reflective tape

1. It’s easy enough to get started. You just open the back and insert 6-AA batteries into the marked chamber. Then there are special tapes that are either 12 mm or 18 mm and you can even get fluorescent tapes (which are really cool when you label items you need to find when the lights go out—so clever!). You pop the tape cartridge into the machine.

2. Then the machine has a variety of choices of fonts—both types and styles. You can choose capital letters or not. You can also add little icons such if you were labeling spices, you might choose a food icon. You can pick one with a little sports icon to label your kid’s equipment (so it won’t get taken home unexpectedly by the wrong kid).

3. It prints up to two lines of text. You can add a frame around it in a number of styles. Use it to create labels for your office files (those others often fall out). Label shelves for storage, create labels for a bulletin board, school project or catalog. The labels are easy to split in the back, because they are already sticky—so, no glue, tape or affixative is needed. Once you make a label, you can store it, repeat it, or delete it.

Take a look at the label I made in the slideshow—it’s on shiny silver tape and sitting on a mouse pad that looks like an oriental rug.

Epson LabelWorks™ Safety Kit costs about $49.99 at retail and the Epson LabelWorks™ Cable and Wiring Kit runs $99.99 (MSRP). The printer and selected tapes are available at OfficeMax (in store and online); and

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