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Episode Two of Emma tomorrow night

Romola Garai as Emma
Romola Garai as Emma
Masterpiece Classic

After premiering on PBS last Sunday night, Masterpiece Classic's newest version of Emma has romance and Jane Austen fans alike craving more.

Emma has long been a fan favorite, in the medium of book, movie and television mini series. Successfully portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale, Emma is the quintessential Georgian heroine. Wealthy and well-meaning, she attempts to matchmake every single person she knows, with occasionally tragic consequences. She is so busy fixing people up that she is completely unaware that the perfect man for her is available, madly in love with her, and devastatingly handsome. Romola Garai, who BBC Historical fans will know from her spectacular performance in Daniel Deronda, and gained international acclaim in Atonement, will now be trying her acting chops at one of the most oft-portrayed heroines of Regency fiction.

Last episode found Emma matchmaking her poor friend Harriet, who will go along with anything Emma says or does, including rejecting the true love of her life and placing all her hopes on the unwitting rector, who has far more interest in Miss Woodhouse than Miss Smith.

Miss the first episode? Don't worry! It is available to watch online until March 9 at the Masterpiece Classic website. The other full episodes will be posted as they air on television. Episode 2 of 3 will air on PBS tomorrow night. Check here for local listings.

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