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Epiphany Storm from 'Born of the Gods' revealed

Epiphany Strom from "Born of the Gods"
Wizards of the Coast

Epiphany Storm is a new "Born of the Gods" spoiler card revealed today Jan 13, 2014 in an upload to by the Oracle of Theros. This red aura from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming" Magic: The Gathering" expansion set can help dig through your deck transforming useless lands into business spells.

Epiphany Storm - R
Enchantment - Aura (Common)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has "R, Tap, Discard a card: Draw a card."
In Meletis, certain oaracles are trained to be divine lightning rods, receiving countless visions in an instant.

Epiphany Storm allows you to ensure creatures with inspired like Pain Seer always trigger. As an aura Epiphany Storm also pairs nicely with heroic creatures such as Agent of the Fates. Because Epiphany Storm requires you to tap a creature in order to use it, it's best used on innocent early drops that you wouldn't want to attack with anyways like Omenspeaker.

Because Epiphany Storm is a common it'll appear frequently in limited, and as a vital enabler to both inspired and heroic creatures you'll want to make sure you nab one at the draft table. Even if you don't have any creatures to combo with it, it'll allow you to search for your bomb. Most limited decks are almost half lands, and Epiphany Storm will turn extra land cards into threats. The one red mana activation cost is a small price to pay in order to improve your card quality and ultimately win the game.

How will you use Epiphany Storm?

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