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Epiphanies happen

Epiphany Moon
Epiphany Moon
Michelle Cole

According to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, printed in 1966, an epiphany is (in part)

  • Coming to light
  • An appearance of a Divine Being or God
  • Sudden perception of the Essential Nature or meaning of something

I had a small Epiphany about epiphanies recently, which somehow reminds me of looking in two mirrors just right to get that image of infinity. It happened as I was working on organizing my Arts room, where I am trying to contain my writing, painting, music and crafts. A journal from 2008 that I casually flipped open to the first page had at least two little personal epiphanies and my experience while listening to a Dick Sutphen past life hypnosis CD.

The first was that when I stepped into that pitch black cave (part of the induction), I entered with the intention of facing whatever might be hiding in the dark. I was ready to face my worst fears and as I was waiting for them to appear I realized suddenly that it was only me in all that darkness. I felt protected and safe, ready to face the worst when I entered that cave, yet standing alone in the dark, suddenly I felt the truth of the statement “Fear is an Illusion” deep in my soul.

The second was that I couldn’t help but feel if I were to read my account of that experience by anyone else I would be thinking to myself “Wow! How cool is that!” It would never occur to question another person’s experience with past life regression. Yet, I always feel like starting any descriptions I write with “If I can believe what I saw…” I suddenly realized how hard it is to make any progress with my Spiritual Gifts if I can’t believe my own experiences! We sometimes truly are our own worst enemies, yet the past lives I described were easy for me to imagine; they also conveniently explained a lot about my current life experience.

Here I am, almost four years later and when I read those pages I was amazed that I had completely forgotten that past life regression and the little epiphanies that came with it. Suddenly I questioned how many other epiphany moments I have had over the past twenty years that I have also forgotten about! It was like: DING! We all have “Aha!” moments in life when something we’ve heard all our lives suddenly clicks into place in our personal perspective. Sometimes this may be sparked by something occurring in the natural order of things: Oh! That’s what Mom meant when she said someday I’d understand. Sometimes it comes by consciously seeking answers, through hypnosis or a trusted psychic reader: Oh! My fear of falling isn’t just because when I was very young I came close to falling to an early death, but is from a past life. One in which my family, my people and I were ‘herded’ off a cliff to our deaths en masse.

When I was very young, on a camping trip I was hiking with a family friend and slipped on some leaves and found myself dangling on such an edge. About fifty feet above water running over large rocks; strangely enough I don’t fear heights if I feel secure there is no chance of slipping or falling. In my first past life regression with a hypnotherapist, I experienced being ‘herded’ over a cliff to my death with my people. If you’ve ever watched “Quigley Down Under” (my favorite Tom Selleck movie) then you’ve witnessed a reenactment of that brutal practice.

Epiphanies can sometimes make us angry: when I first discovered that Ancient Egypt had been the home to an amazing library full of then ancient texts, texts that the Romans destroyed…I was very, very angry and very sad. Epiphanies can sometimes free us: in communications with a deceased pet from my past I had hopes of finding release from some guilt I carried about her death. The message I was given from her was that the lesson was learned and she was concerned, because I held onto so much guilt. I was guided to close my eyes and for a moment, even if just a split second, imagine what it would feel like to NOT have that guilt. The moment I did I felt immense relief; it was that relief she had been wishing for me.

Of course, having an epiphany in the first place does not ensure your life will become easier, suddenly changing your personal character and behavior completely! In the time since that reading, I have had to occasionally pull myself out of revisiting that old guilt. Yet, the original experience and the epiphany of being filled with real and honest Self Forgiveness is always the key to pulling away from that brink of murky, energy depleting guilt.

Many people have journals to write about their everyday life, dream journals to record dreams or meditation journals to keep track of the really good ones…maybe some people already have Epiphany Journals and maybe the rest of us should!


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