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Epic unveils community devloped 'Unreal Tournament' project

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Epic Games has officially announced that a free-to-play Unreal Tournament is in the works and it will be co-developed with the assistance of the gaming community.

In a blog that was posted by Steve Polge on May 8, Epic Games laid out its plans for the next Unreal Tournament game. Developers will be collaborating with fans via Twitter and message boards to create a new game using the Unreal 4 engine. This is going to be a game built from scratch but the finished version will be available for the PC, Mac and Linux and will be available for free.

Epic hopes over time the community could design their own weapons and gear which can be sold among players.

Polge further stated, "We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go and what it should be. So let’s do something radical and make this game together, in the open, and for all of us."

Early in the week, Mark Rein posted on Twitter that there is going to be an official announcement regarding the next Unreal Tournament game. The announcement has surprised many in the game media but it has been welcomed as the ultimate collaboration between a developer and its community.

Jason Evangelho of Forbes welcomed the news and stated, "A new Unreal Tournament would be the perfect flagship for Unreal Engine 4, and I’m thrilled that Epic is making this a truly collaborative, community effort."

The original Unreal Tournament is a gladiator-style multiplayer shooter that help establish the popularity of competitive gaming. It's also well known for the Unreal engine which has been one of the most popular game engines used by developers.

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