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Epic Helicopters-the zenith of aerial tourism in DFW

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There really is no comparison. A helicopter tour is an entirely different experience from a standard aerial tour, hands down, feet in the air, eyes wide in excitement. Epic Helicopters has plenty of jaw-dropping experiences to choose from.

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Because Epic Helicopter tours are basically private tours, they can be customized to include sunsets, music, engagement opportunities, or swooping over your favorite DFW sites like the Cowboys Stadium, or even finding your own home.

Flying at around 1,000 feet, the view of the city is that of fantasy. An adventure that leads to romantic moments in the clouds. Proposals have happened by rendevouz, mid-flight and at the special moment of your choice.

Epic Helicopters is about to announce a Barbecue Tour, flying in participants to the best barbecue in Dallas or Fort Worth, even landing in front of the restaurant. Talk about living like the Ewings!

If you and a small group of friends or family are looking for an unmatched way of seeing the Dallas/Fort Worth area, take a look at the tour options on Epic Helicopters website and get ready to take flight!