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EPCOT's Grand Marnier Orange Slush gets bigger, becomes World's Best Cocktail

A larger Taste of Heaven..
A larger Taste of Heaven..

Some years ago, Walt Disney World introduced the Grand Marnier and Grey Goose Orange Slush, available exclusively in the France Pavilion at Epcot, and the universe rejoiced. A few years ago the incredible concoction underwent a mitosis, splitting into two incredible cocktails; the Grand Marnier Orange Slush and the Grey Goose Citron version. Humanity endured as both are wonderful.

Today, to our shame, we have learned about another transformation which occurred to mark the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Can't believe we didn't know about this. We are wholly thrilled, though, as the change that occurred this time was to make the slushies bigger.

Still dispensed through a charming and subtle Champagne and Wine Kiosk, on the shores of the World Showcase, those in the know (ahem) can get their slush supersized. For just a few dollars more (yes, I know), the most polite French person you will ever encounter will add a heaping shot of Grand Marnier to the best beverage you will ever ingest.

There are those who might balk at spending sixteen dollars on a cocktail. Know that it costs more than that for a flat beer at every major metropolitan airport. For Epcot guests contemplating the $16 investment, look around you. You aren't at any stinking airport. Your purchase comes with post-card scenery and bliss in every direction. The only thing the original cocktail lacked was size and a few more drams of alcohol. That's all been remedied. You're welcome.

Our sincerest thanks to the fabulous people at France Pavilion ice cream and sorbet shop, L'Artisan des Glaces, for bringing this to our attention. Visit and follow them. They're activities and products improve lives.