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Epcot Flower and Garden Festival exhibits container gardening decor ideas

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It’s that time of the year when Disney Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, is in full bloom. You’ll find various topiaries, gardens and the creativeness of Disney garden Imagineers. Disney gardeners use recycled objects as plant containers that would otherwise be tossed out or used in normal conventional ways. Here are a few of the ideas that you can see while strolling through one of the gardens between Future World and the World Showcase.

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Cement block planters

Take several inexpensive cement blocks, with two holes, stack and design them two to three layers high and build a small wall in your garden (see photo) in random spots turn the block so that it sticks out of the wall. Fill the holes with plastic pots to hold the dirt and plant or if it has a bottom, fill with potting soil mix and create your garden masterpiece.

Recycle old porcelain bathtub

They don’t make these tubs like they used to. Most homes are built with lightweight fiberglass type tubs and tubs without legs, even if you find an old tub without feet, you can still use bricks or large rocks in a decorative form to hold the tub up. The drain on the bottom and side is great drainage. You don’t want the water to fill up the dirt and cause the soil to be oversaturated.

You should use rocks or other material on the bottom to help with drainage and top with layers of soil. Be sure to find the right spot for your tub because once it’s filled with rocks, soil and plants, you won’t or can’t move it again. See photo sample.

Old toys, tricycles and a little red wagon

Your children’s toys take a beating over the years, especially if they are handed down from one sibling to another. By the time they’ve outgrown their use it’s usually ready for the heap. I see countless old, worn out, bicycles and objects on the side of the road on trash day that could possibly be used as containers or decorative items in your garden. Check out the photo of how a little red wagon and tricycle bring color and a festive vibe to your garden landscape.

The next time you drive by homes on trash day, take a look, there just might be a treasure for your garden. If you have a special object that’s out of the ordinary and use it as a planter for your garden, share it in the comment section and for more details go to the crafty girl garden blog and share your ideas.