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EPA wants to control streams and wetlands

Dead fish in Texas and polluted waterways
Dead fish in Texas and polluted waterways
Theo Heimann/AFP/Getty

Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Given the fact that America’s water and air quality has diminished to the point of threatening humanity’s existence, don’t you believe that the Environmental Protection Agency should get a grip on the situation? Air and water quality are essential to people surviving on Earth. Humans have made a mess of it, starting right here in the USA.

Governor Perry hates the EPA while Texas fouls its air and water
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Republicans always seem to be at war with the EPA, an agency that We the People want. Why is that? It is because environmental regulations and controls impose constraints on how business and industry operates. Laws cost businesses and consumers money to achieve the end result that is clean air and water. It isn’t clean today and we have a long way to go to try to recover from a legacy of bad behavior.

One way to improve the situation is for the government to take control of water and wetland assets. Doing that, private landowners including businesses and farmers can’t ruin natural resources.

A report by Judson Berger at Fox News, the EPA made “secret maps” with the intention to expand regulatory controls over watersheds. That’s a good idea. Someone in government needs to be an advocate for clean water, don’t you think?

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee got all hot and bothered by this suspected action. If I were a Texas bass fisherman, I would be hot and bothered by Lamar Smith interfering with keeping the water clean.

In case you don’t know it Representative Smith, there is a list of 129 pages of foul water in Texas alone. Maybe the EPA should just acquire Texas and clean it up down there since you and your governor can’t seem to tackle it.

If you want to get excited on behalf of Texas citizens, how about facing the real problems you have in your district.

"Tests show Texas well water polluted by fracking, despite EPA assurances

By John Upton"

‘Blueprint for water ‘control’? Pol says EPA made secret maps for new regulatory push

By Judson Berger
Published August 27, 2014

Shown here is one of the many maps commissioned by the EPA to detail U.S. waterways.EPA

A top House Republican is charging that the Environmental Protection Agency secretly drafted highly detailed maps of U.S. waterways to set the stage for a controversial plan to expand regulatory power over streams and wetlands, a claim the EPA strongly denies.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, released those maps on Wednesday, while firing off a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy voicing concerns over why they were created in the first place.

"These maps show the EPA's plan: to control a huge amount of private property across the country. Given the astonishing picture they paint, I understand the EPA's desire to minimize the importance of these maps," he wrote, in the letter obtained by
But an EPA spokeswoman said the maps, from the U.S. Geological Survey and Fish and Wildlife Service, "do not show jurisdictional waters" -- in other words, they do not show which waters are subject to EPA control.

Decisions over whether the EPA has authority over "particular waters," Liz Purchia said, are almost always made in response to requests. She told the maps in question would have to involve ground surveys to actually reflect the proposed rule, which she called "prohibitively expensive."

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