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EPA throws down the gauntlet to Texas: do we kneel or not?


  • j420 5 years ago

    oil-We're not running out, but demand is going up rapidly and we can't increase the supply fast enough.It's like 5 people fighting over 3 cookies,then 2 people join the fray
    The scientists don't know how to drill deepwater oil -Gulf spill- or how to make tar sand economical

    Korea=proxy warning
    world militarised after midterms-and the world realised the US wasn't going to reduce oil consumption. China=biggest renewable investor, accelerating energy independence.China also has huge nuclear capability-impossible to stop(>1000 missiles)even with a missile defense shield.Even if you could >200 nuclear bombs going off is enough to mess up the world

    After Cancun, China signed FTA letting the US sell high-tech renewable products to China and promised to spend $1.5 trillion on US made renewable products, increasing jobs for families, pay off debt and restore American power.Nuclear war benefits no one, so out of self interest,China is helping the US,even though it'll kill Chinese economic growth
    US needs a carbon tax to create jobs
    voters realise it means higher prices.People don't transition out of goodwill, you need to raise prices

    But why Carbon taxes?1.wait for oil prices to rise2. introduce carbon taxes.ask oil-intensive consumers (i.e. family's, transport, etc) to pay $100 or every single industry/consumer and business to pay $1

    this ain't about Democrats or Republicans,but true patriotism-getting what needs to be done, done-ensuring our country's prosperity

  • Profile picture of Dave Mundy
    Dave Mundy 5 years ago

    j420, you're saying that raising the price of oil by destroying the economy of Texas with a false-science carbon tax is a "patriotic" thing??? You're on some truly serious statist drugs.

  • j420 5 years ago

    I'm saying, it's either a nuclear arms race with China or a renewable energy race with China.

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