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EPA throws down the gauntlet to Texas: do we kneel or not?

Have you picked up your permit to breathe? No?
Well, be on your guard, then: the EPA will probably have its agents after you soon.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it would unilaterally take over issuing clean-air permits to industries in Texas because the state has been “unwilling to comply” with the agency’s regulations to “prevent global warming,” and came on the same day the agency announced it would begin developing standards to reduce heat-trapping gases at power plants and refineries.

The announcement will bring to a screeching halt more than 150 industrial projects in the Lone Star State just about the time the Texas economy is kicking into high gear thanks to the oil and chemical industry. Coincidence?

The EPA, of course, is not Congress. Under the Constitution, it has no authority whatsoever to legislate diddlysquat, much less to clearly and irrevocably violate the Constitutionally-guaranteed sovereignty of Texas or any other state.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the world's second largest environmental regulatory agency after the EPA. It has indicated it would not modify its permitting process to include greenhouse gas emissions because, unlike the EPA, it hasn’t bought into the false religion of man-caused global warming.
TCEQ rightfully holds Texas industries accountable for quantifiable measures of air quality. And unlike the EPA, TCEQ is under no directive to “punish” Texas for opposing the radical statists who have seized power in Washington. In a news release, the TCEQ plainly stated that EPA’s directives are unrealistic, unreasonable and lacking in common sense.

"The EPA cannot measure reductions in (carbon dioxide) or any other (greenhouse gas) with this new regulation, and the EPA cannot correlate this new regulation to any environmental or health benefit," the news release from TCEQ said.

The lack of common sense is evident because the regulations are based on politics, not science.

The EPA’s regional director over Texas, Al Armandariz, has powerful friends in the radical environmentalist movement: people like the Environmental Defense Fund and the Wildearth Guardians, a couple of organizations that all but advocate killing people in order to “protect the earth.”

You’ll recall the basis of the whole “global warming” dogma: that man is producing that evil chemical carbon dioxide, which is trapping heat in the atmosphere and will gradually raise the earth’s temperature. Although it’s been conclusively proven as a hoax crafted by scientists in Britain, that hasn’t stopped the tree-huggers here in the Colonies: they still repeat it like a religious mantra.

Of course, if you paid any attention in freshman high-school Biology, you were already aware of a couple of facts the acorn-worshippers seem keen to overlook. One is the fact that we exhale carbon dioxide as part of breathing, and thus every individual on the planet creates carbon dioxide. The second, of course, is that trees and other green leafy things take that carbon dioxide out of the air and process it to release oxygen.

Funny, but the rabid environmentalists haven’t volunteered to quit breathing.

But this isn’t really about protecting the environment or the planet, It’s about punishing Texas for proving the socialists wrong.

Texas has the world’s largest concentration of oil refineries, chemical plants and power plants. It also has the healthiest economy of any of the 50 states, because unlike most of the others it doesn’t tax business into leaving. The overwhelming majority of the state’s voters and legislators retain at least moderately conservative fiscal philosophies, and that in turn keeps the Nanny State crowd confined primarily to the City of Austin and isolated pockets in other cities.

The EPA’s announcement is an open challenge to the leaders of Texas: bow to the unelected bureaucracy of the socialist elitists, or try to stop them.

Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Attorney General Greg Abbott and the leaders of the Texas House and Senate: the federal government has thrown down the gauntlet. Will you kneel down to them – or are you ready to take Texas down a new path away from government run amok?

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes: our forefathers WOULD be shooting by now.



  • j420 4 years ago

    oil-We're not running out, but demand is going up rapidly and we can't increase the supply fast enough.It's like 5 people fighting over 3 cookies,then 2 people join the fray
    The scientists don't know how to drill deepwater oil -Gulf spill- or how to make tar sand economical

    Korea=proxy warning
    world militarised after midterms-and the world realised the US wasn't going to reduce oil consumption. China=biggest renewable investor, accelerating energy independence.China also has huge nuclear capability-impossible to stop(>1000 missiles)even with a missile defense shield.Even if you could >200 nuclear bombs going off is enough to mess up the world

    After Cancun, China signed FTA letting the US sell high-tech renewable products to China and promised to spend $1.5 trillion on US made renewable products, increasing jobs for families, pay off debt and restore American power.Nuclear war benefits no one, so out of self interest,China is helping the US,even though it'll kill Chinese economic growth
    US needs a carbon tax to create jobs
    voters realise it means higher prices.People don't transition out of goodwill, you need to raise prices

    But why Carbon taxes?1.wait for oil prices to rise2. introduce carbon taxes.ask oil-intensive consumers (i.e. family's, transport, etc) to pay $100 or every single industry/consumer and business to pay $1

    this ain't about Democrats or Republicans,but true patriotism-getting what needs to be done, done-ensuring our country's prosperity

  • Profile picture of Dave Mundy
    Dave Mundy 4 years ago

    j420, you're saying that raising the price of oil by destroying the economy of Texas with a false-science carbon tax is a "patriotic" thing??? You're on some truly serious statist drugs.

  • j420 4 years ago

    I'm saying, it's either a nuclear arms race with China or a renewable energy race with China.

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