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EPA set to issue strangling CO2 emissions rule

EPA is set to issue stringent new rules on CO2 emissions targeted to strangle coal-fired power plants but have little effect on climate.
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Get ready for skyrocketing energy bills as EPA readies the rules on CO2.

In a deep and direct assault on the economy, EPA’s stringent regulations on carbon emissions will have more destructive effect on Americans, particularly those in energy-producing states, than they do on improving the climate, according to American Thinker. The rule is expected to issue on June 2.

The new regulations target existing power plants in a dramatic effort to change the energy industry away from coal to wind, solar, and natural gas. Coal-fired power plants will likely be regulated out of business, leaving the states that produce that rich resource, such as West Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana, to endure serious economic hardship.

The “war on coal” is expected to trickle down to the rest of the economy in terms of increased job loss, higher unemployment, and sharp increases in energy costs for all Americans.

Democrats in coal states malign the new rule, citing that fossil fuels are what kept their people warm in last winter’s extraordinary cold.

  • The rule has been denounced as an “out-of-touch Washington regulation” by Kentucky Democrat, Alison Grimes.
  • West Virginia Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall cited the EPA as a “callous, ideologically driven agency [that]continues to be numb to the economic pain that their reckless regulations cause.”
  • Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, is poised to join Republicans in strapping the rule.

The power of the White House trumps reactionary opposition to the rule from both sides of the isle. Obama has initiated an all-out campaign to ramp up the global warming hype with willful compliance by the MSM mouthpiece. Scheduled for prime time include

  • One-on-one interviews of Obama with meteorologist personalities of the MSM
  • Enhanced media reporting of extreme weather events across the nation
  • Fear mongering of predicted catastrophic effects issued by government friendly agencies

All of this occurs in the absence of any global warming in 17 years, no rise in sea level, nor any increase in frequency or severity of storms. For all of the regulations already on the books, no effect on climate has actually been observed from emissions reductions. Citizens wonder what effect the new rule will have besides wrecking the nation’s economy and increasing government control of American lives.

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