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EPA misled Plaquemines Parish President on use of Corexit

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At this morning's keynote address at the 2014 Gulf Coast Restoration Summit in New Orleans, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser called it as it is - and was - following the 2010 BP oil spill.

Though greatly reduced in size - he opened with a charming anecdote about no longer being recognized since his lap band surgery - Nungesser shared how he put Pres. Obama on pins and needles during the height of the spill with his chats with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

While today's agenda, Mon. at the Renaissance Arts Hotel, was, ostensibly, focused on ideas concerning how BP and RESTORE Act dollars are spent, Nungesser wasn't shy about also sharing what goes on behind the scenes.

This reporter asked him what his feelings are about Corexit and its use after the spill.

He was clear in saying how he isn't really up on all the science, and has yet to find a thick peer-reviewed report he can digest, but he knows one thing: former EPA Admnistrator Lisa Jackson came to him when he was concerned about Corexit's effects. And apparently, she misled him, although he didn't say that explicitly.

"Lisa Jackson and I had a meeting and she said,'BP has 24 hours to find something new (other than Corexit) and not spray it anymore.'

But almost immediately thereafter, it was back to dousing the deadly substance in the Gulf, he said in so many words.

More on the conference tomorrow.

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