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EPA makes historic decision regarding global warming


EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson during
Monday's press conference.  (AP Photo)

Clearly timed to coincide with the beginning of the climate summit in Copenhagen, the Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday that Carbon Dioxide and other 'greenhouse gasses' are indeed harmful to humans, claiming that "The vast body of evidence not only remains unassailable, it has grown even stronger", ignoring the vast and rapidly expanding evidence that human-induced climate change may indeed be a hoax.

Fox News two weeks ago broke a story that emails from IPCC scientists had been hacked, and the legitimacy of these emails were confirmed by the NY Times.  In these emails, scientists spoke of manipulating the climate numbers in order to keep the illusion of warming alive, and also spoke of their computer models being unable to account for a lack of warming over the past decade.  These emails also directed scientists to delete all of their email communications in order to avoid freedom of information act requests, destroying evidence of what they've been doing. 

Add to this, a petition against human-induced climate change, dubbed the "Global Warming Petition Project", that now has the signatures of 31,486 American scientists in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, physics, or atmospheric science.  More than 9000 of these signatories hold a PhD in their field.   Still further evidence has come to light, that the satellite maps of melting polar ice caps was in fact due to a glitch in the satellite itself, and the actual amount of polar ice has been relatively stable over the past decade.

This Examiner shall not speculate as to the reasons why the Obama Administration continues to ignore any and all evidence that doesn't agree with human-induced climate change.  This examiner simply would like to make the facts about climate change available to examiner readers, so they can decide for themselves if they believe human-induced climate change is real, or a hoax.  The undenyable fact remains, that this EPA ruling paves the way for massive regulations that will force an increase in energy costs, which will in turn increase shipping costs, which then increases the costs to consumers for their energy and for everything else, at a time when many Americans are barely able to make ends meet.


  • Zen 5 years ago

    "the Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday that Carbon Dioxide and other 'greenhouse gasses' are indeed harmful to humans"

    So now the carbon dioxide every mammal exhales and every plant inhales in order for life forms on this planet to stay alive is harmful to humans. About 30 years ago my father told me that one day the government would tax us for breathing. I thought his statement to be ridiculous. Not so much anymore.

    Maybe we should rid the world of carbon dioxide so all the plants can die and then we and the rest of the animal kingdom can soon follow.

  • Patrick 5 years ago

    Whether it's a real phenomenon is not proven mainstream. Those in the EPA are pro-ANYTHING that even MIGHT preserve ANYTHING. So I don't pay ANY attention to what they say whatsoever. They are tree huggers. Just like the people at PITA who put's the lives of dogs over humans. They are not credible.

    But even if global warming does turn out to be exposed as real,...where is the evidence going to come from that proves that man caused it?? That's even harder to prove than global warming itself.

    The country has too many "activists" in charge of things as is. The EPA can ki$$ my @$$. Taxes are high and the economy is down. The country is broke and so are we.
    There are more important things to consider that need adressing NOW. Global warming THEORIES are not priorities.
    Although I'm sure all these scientists who receive grants think otherwise.

  • Psy 5 years ago

    I have a prediction for the future. The Gov will tax protein/minerals next if they can get C02. Anything that takes energy to make the Gov will want a piece of it from the creation/manufacturer side - to the end user. WHAT A PONSI SCHEME.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    So are all carbonated drinks to be considered poisonous now? Do we need to stop all exercise? The amount of Co2 that builds up in your lungs after moderate exercise is many times higher than anything we could ever put into the atmosphere. The optimum level for most green plants is 3-4 times higher than we have today. Calling it harmful, or a pollutant is about as scientifically illiterate as you can get!