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EPA fines California importer of Chinese motorcycles and recreation vehicles

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a fine of $630,000 against American Lifan Industry, Inc., an Ontario, CA based importer of vehicles and engines. The company was charged with illegally importing and selling 28,000 highway motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and engines manufactured in China that did not comply with emission limits specified by the federal Clean Air Act (CAA).

In addition, the company agreed to post a $300,000 to $500,000 bond related to any future violations that it may incur for product sold in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Emissions from motor vehicles are a significant contributor to smog formation. The San Joaquin Valley, as Bakersfield residents know, has some of the worst air quality in the world and fails to meet current federal and California ambient air standards for smog. Businesses that fail to comply with regulations designed to reduce smog are not only contributing to the worsening of air quality, but also gaining an unfair advantage relative to those businesses that do comply with the regulations.

The fine was issued after EPA discovered that equipment imported and sold between January 2007 and August 2011 was not certified by EPA to meet emission standards. Additionally, purchasers were not given the full emissions warranty required, the vehicles were imported and sold without proper emission compliance labels, and the company did not comply with record-keeping requirements.