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EP Review -Pillbuster - Brothel

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With a dirty distortion the EP “ Brothel “ opens just how I was hoping it would , Aggressive and dark and moody the opening track “ Prophet Kill “ gives us all what true classic metal fans want .We want our music heavy and in your face . Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Pill buster . This amazing young band has been labeled both doom or stoner rock but they are so much more . I can think of a thousand adjectives that would suit them much more, how about , fresh and exciting , real and true to their musical roots .The band is four piece from Virginia but southern rock they are not . The next track is “ A Parting Gift “ and fans of sludge ps I hate that term will love them and its slow , rhythmic and at times haunting lyrics . This is the second release from Stonerkill Records for this band with no end in site and an east coast tour is in the works . The blues inspired opening riffs of “ Hate Burn “ really take me back before bands needed masks and gimmicks to get noticed , how about great songs and melodies like this song.The lyrics of “ Hide The Pain , Hide The Lie ,” really touch base and the wah peddle on the guitar gets the point across with out over playing or feeling cheesy . The last track on the EP is the namesake of the album “ Brothel” . It creates the vision of the old west and riding into the sunset . I look for many great things from this band and I am anxious as to the day when I can see them perform live and if they are even half as good live as they are on this record . It will be a great day for me .The band is Vocals - Brett Lloyd ,Guitars - Joe Festa ,Bass - Chris Kernstock and on Drums - Douglas Stanek .The album is available August 19 , 2014 . You can follow them on their official facebook at