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Environmentally safe natural hair care

Using rain water for hair care is a wonderful way to go green.
Using rain water for hair care is a wonderful way to go green.
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Green living means using natural hair products. From shampoo to hair dye, you can save the earth by using ecofriendly hair care. Homemade natural hair care products leave hair shiny, soft, manageable and flake free. When I'm asked about natural hairstyling, these products and processes always come to mind.

Natural rain water

Unless you reside near Chernobyl, rain water is one of the best ecofriendly hair products there is. Washing and rinsing hair in rain water softens hair and saves water.

How to go green with rain water

Keep a large bucket or barrel outside to catch rainfall. Use the water to wash and rinse hair and for other green living tasks. Just bring it in a little at a time. Warm it to room temperature naturally before use. This saves on water heating too.

Natural homemade dandruff treatment

Why spend needlessly? This homemade natural dandruff treatment is one of the best green hair care products there is. Long before the go green movement, I was using this all natural method for controlling scalp flakes and itch.

How to:

Seep 2 teaspoons each of dried thyme and rosemary in 2/3 cup of boiling water. Cool and strain. Place the mixture in a spray bottle with 2/3 cup of rain water. This ecofriendly hair care product can be sprayed on and left on after washing. Seep the herbs in vinegar for a stronger solution that must be rinsed out.

Natural homemade hair conditioner

Eco friendly hair care products should leave hair soft, shiny and tangle free. Get all of that with hair care products made with coconut milk and avocados. Avocado is a truly green product. The coconut oil conditions and adds a fresh scent.

Making it:

Peel and mash an avocado. Add ¼ cup coconut oil. Massage into hair. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing with natural rain water. These two organic products combine to make heavenly soft, all natural hair.

Chamomile shampoo

Making green hair care products is easy with simple natural ingredients like these. Chamomile is a soothing ecofriendly tea. Glycerine is a natural soap base alternative to traditional soaps. Modern soaps sometimes rely on not so green products to create lather. Who wants that on their head or in their water supply?

How chamomile shampoo is made

Mix 2 tsp. crushed chamomile tea leaves gently with an 8 oz. Bottle of liquid glycerine. Use just one teaspoon of this shampoo per use. Using both chamomile shampoo and homemade avocado hair conditioner with a rain water rinse will create the softest hair ever.

Natural hair lightener

To brew up this hair care product, mix the juice of one lemon with a couple teaspoons of chamomile tea. For highlights use a bathing cap or old straw hat with holes. Pull hair to be highlighted through the holes. Apply solution with a spray bottle. Go out in the sun for 1 hour. Rinse with rain water. Reapply for lighter effects. Follow with natural hair conditioner.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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