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Environmentally-induced autism is reversible

Marcie's son Ethan
Marcie's son, used with permission

Last month congressman Bill Posey (Florida) called out the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for corruption on the matter of vaccine safety. Congressman Posey accuses the CDC of knowing that there is a link between vaccines and autism and deliberately covering it up. According to Posey, there is an “...incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and public officials... as long as Thorsen [a scientist with connections to the pharmaceutical industry] was cooking the books to produce the results they [CDC] wanted, they didn’t care whether the studies were valid or how much money was being siphoned off the top.”

During a radio interview, Posey described questioning Dr. Colleen Boyle who is the head of the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the CDC. He asked her if the CDC had done a study comparing rates of autism between children who had been vaccinated vs. children who had not. A simple yes or no question. But Dr. Boyle did not answer the question. According to Posey, “it's like I asked her what time it was and she tried to take up all my time describing how a clock works.” Congressman Posey has introduced legislation to force the CDC to do its job: House Resolution 1757, The Vaccine Safety Study Act, would require the vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated study. At present it needs more co-sponsors. Call your member of congress and ask them to add their name as a cosponsor to this bill.

From 1999 through 2002, several mercury-laced vaccines were phased out of the recommended immunization schedule. They were replaced with low-mercury, or “thimerosal-free,” vaccines. But even those still have mercury in them (low-mercury is NOT no mercury). However, during this so-called “phaseout” period, four doses of a new vaccine containing high aluminum content were added to the childhood immunization schedule (for pneumococcal disease). Two doses of another aluminum-containing vaccine (for Hib) were added in 2005—a 20% increase in aluminum content since the mercury phaseout. Mercury and aluminum are known neurotoxins. Mercury was used as a preservative and aluminum is used as an adjuvant (enhances the antigenicity).

The pineal gland is known to bioaccumulate aluminum, mercury, and fluoride more readily than other parts of the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin which controls the sleep-wake cycle. Aluminum disrupts its ability to do its job, resulting in sleep disorders which are associated with a multitude of neurological diseases, including autism, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and depression.

A complete list of vaccine ingredients can be found on this CDC page. The current vaccination schedule along with the average amount of aluminum (varies per manufacturer) per shot in micrograms is given below. Most of these are administered before 2 years of age, when autism is generally reported.

Each flu vaccine has 25 mcg Thimerosal (mercury). This is what people line up for every fall.

Hep B, 3 doses: 750 ugm

Dtap, 5 doses: 1137.5 ugm (using avg of 227.5 ugm / dose)

Tdap, 1 dose (avg) 227.5 ugm (7 yrs) (some formulations contain thimerosal)

Hib, 3-4 doses: 900 umg (4 doses) (some formulations contain thimerosal)

Pneumococcus, 4 doses: 500 ugm

Hep A, 2 doses: 500 ugm

HPV, 3 doses (females): 675 ugm

Total aluminum burden:

males: 4015 ugm (4.02 mg)

females: 4690 ugm (4.69 mg)

In 2011, Lucija Tomljenovic and Christopher Shaw published a paper in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry [links to pdf] showing a strong correlation between aluminum exposure in vaccines and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence. With the increasing number of vaccines recommended, the total aluminum burden is massive for small children. Add to that the toxins in our food and environment and their systems just can't take it.

The CDC is busy inventing a cover story for their cover-up. Meanwhile, back at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they are rolling out a plan to take legal action for fraud against anyone claiming to treat ASD. Their list of fraud primarily concerns detoxification procedures, including probiotics. Guess what they propose instead? Antipsychotics and antibiotics. And if the antibiotics don't work, they've got a new vaccine! Yes, a vaccine to control intestinal problems associated with autism. Now there's an ironic twist. Does that come with aluminum? Don't even think about probiotics, vaccinate instead. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny. The FDA states unequivocally that, “There is no cure for autism.”

Tell that to Marcie. Here is her story:

“At age two we took our son in for a doctors visit, he was very sick and I couldn't get the fever down. While we were there they told me that he was behind in his vaccination schedule. They said he needed to catch up so they wanted to give him the current ones and the kindergarten ones. I thought it was too much, but he is the doctor-- he knows best, right?

“After 9 vaccines, we headed home with no help with the fever except they gave him more Tylenol. Within a few hours, he went into seizure. We called 911 and headed off to the ER where the doctors kept saying, “it's not the vaccines, it's not the vaccines, his fever just got too high.” And they sent us home. The next seizure nearly took his life. It was about 3am and I heard him crying so I went to check on him and he went into seizure right there. The seizure lasted forever, he was turning blue and the medics couldn't find us. Again, the doctors blamed the fever and sent us home.

“He had a total of three seizures. He was diagnosed with ASD pretty early on after the seizures stopped. By now my child had stopped sleeping, would not make eye contact and would spin for hours with his arms flapping. Screaming. And I could not leave him alone. He found a love for climbing and jumping. I found him hanging off the dining room light once. He liked to hit the wall and bounce off and do it all again.

“For two years it went on like this, honestly pure hell, going from doctor to doctor, begging for help. The doctors said, “He has autism. There is nothing we can do.” I wasn't sleeping and the bills were climbing. During these two years he would eat very little, towards the end he was living on bread and milk.

“I did some research online and found that he had all the symptoms of celiac disease, though his test for celiac came up negative. I took him off of wheat anyway. Within 3 days of being wheat-free, he was sleeping. I put him to bed and he was asleep within two minutes. No hours and hours of fighting. After that I took away dairy and I got eye contact and a few words. After some more online research, I found out soy was next. So I took that out. He stopped spinning, he stopped arm flapping, he started to talk non-stop. But not English, babble. Because he spent about two years not talking, it wasn't easy to start again. So I took him to speech therapy. Within about 3 months she had him talking again. It was awesome. We were going to give it 6 months, but she was done at 3 months. He was also potty trained at the time of the vaccines, but had to go back into diapers.

“Then as we were going down this road we realized corn syrup would make him climb walls. He would literally climb walls. So that was removed. At this point I realized I needed help: some real help. We found a naturopathic doctor. I needed some testing and she helped with that, she would tell me what foods to remove next. We started to play with food. When we went wheat free we went organic only with him. Well when you are trying to pay down medical you need every penny. So like with apples, I bought cheap apples, they sent him off the wall crazy. So put him back on organic and he was just fine. Tried one more time. Same results. That got me thinking pesticides. And sure enough anything today with a pesticide affects him.

“In addition to food allergies, we tested for heavy metals. He tested off the charts for aluminum along with many other things. The ND helped us detox him and a new test from another doctor finally found the mercury, so we detoxed that next. The last time we tested we were doing okay. But it really helps to detox.

“He is a normal every-day boy now. As I removed foods, I got my son back. Seeing him today you would not believe he has autism. Even though I consider him recovered from autism, he still has some autism characteristics. But the every-day person wouldn't see autism. He was in school for 3 years--the word autism was never mentioned.”

Notice that Marcie took her son off of all foods containing high glyphosate residues (wheat, corn & soy) from crop ripening or glyphosate-tolerant GMOs. But even that wasn't enough. The child cannot tolerate even trace amounts of pesticide residues. Perhaps the graph correlating the rise in organic food sales and autism prevalence that the internet trolls are laughingly pointing out is real after all.

It seems like the FDA should be a little more worried about their cavalier statements and threats of lawsuits. They go where angels fear to tread: mama bears.

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