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Environmentally friendly data share

Want to save a few trees but still be able to network with people on the spot? Want to hand out abusiness card but your new email address is not on it? Want to share data for a conference without printing out hundreds of copies for each attendee, only to have that data change the morning of the conference? Consider using a POKEN, a small device that allows you to swap contact information with other people. According to POKEN’s website:

Poken is your social business card. Scrap the paper business card! Your Poken card is far more comprehensive. Rather than handing out a piece of paper that shares just your basic contact information such as company, address, phone, and email, with Poken you can include your social network profiles as well. When you associate a social network to your Poken identity that social network’s favicon appears on your Poken card. If you are connected to your friend on that social network, then they can click the favicon link to instantly view your social network profile. If you opt not to be connected on that social network, then they will simply see the public-search version of your profile.

The POKEN PLUSE has 2 GM memory, like a flash drive, which could be used to swap not only contact information but other data as well. For instance, your conference information could be uploaded and given out to the attendees. No paper copies needed. What’s better, is the POKEN provides links to live data you can connect to your attendees even after the event with new information. No need to update and send your latest information. Watch the video for more information.


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