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Environmentalism as a sacred act

Trash by the roadside
Trash by the roadside
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Pagans are generally a very environmentally aware group. Many pagan paths specifically include the Earth's cycles in their practice and promote a connection with the world around us though spending time in nature and interacting with the natural world whether it be through gardening, conservation, or other methods. Even if your specific path does not include an environmental leaning, it probably includes an awareness of personal responsibility and the understanding that everything is connected. No matter what your path teaches, it only makes sense to take care of our home. It is the only one we have.

Many pagan memes mention that the earth is our temple. Imagine a Christian church abandoned and uncared for, run down to the point of falling down, filled with trash and graffiti. It is no longer a place of worship; it is an eyesore. Do we want this to happen to the Earth? Caring for temples and places of worship is a sacred act. It is an act of piety, of worship in and of itself.

The Earth is often referred to as Mother Earth. Whatever your relationship is with your mother, you know that it is the children's responsibility to care for their mother when they are old enough and she needs it. Family interconnectedness is sacred. Human interconnectedness is sacred. The interconnectedness of everything is sacred. Humans have grown up. We have the ability to destroy the planet. Now we have the responsibility not to, not only not to, but to step up and become the caretakers of Mother Earth.

Many pagans do rituals and spells for the health of the Earth. As anyone who does spells knows, the physical work is just as important as the metaphysical work. Pair your ritual with an hour of picking up litter or protesting an environmentally damaging action. Add action to your words and intentions.

Every piece of litter you choose to recycle or at the very least throw away, is an act of respect towards not only the planet, but yourself and everyone else who shares this planet with you. Every piece of trash you pick up rather than walk past and ignore is an act of caring and worship. Reusing, recycling, eating locally, using resources responsibly, reducing your water, electrical and fossil fuel usage are all things anyone can do to help care for the Earth. Make all of these acts into conscious acts of worship. Take a moment to focus on the sacredness of caring for the Earth. Perhaps even create a mantra or prayer you can say as you work in your garden or clean up litter along your favorite path.

Would you rather live in a garbage dump with unbreatheable air or in a beautifully cared for temple? We are responsible for our choices and our actions. We can choose to make our actions sacred, to put forth that intent. Environmentalism is sacred work for the Earth.

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