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Environmental films kids will love

Earth Day
Earth Day

You can never be too young too learn about the environment but sometimes there are issues that are just too serious to appeal to young children. Finding a creative way to introduce your child to a serious issue may take a little bit of effort but you'd be surprised to find the many ways to involve your kids in environmental matters. This Earth Day help to raise your child's awareness of global issues with these fun films:

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Your child may not be familiar with traditional animation so this film will be fun for more reasons than one. Ferngully is a fictional story with a real life twist as it details the story of fairies that are about to lose their home to loggers that have bigger plans. One such logger is enchanted and becomes a fairy, only to discover the devastation they are facing.


Wall-E is certainly a film your child has already seen and fallen in love with. The film follows a waste collecting robot that remains on Earth while all humankind has abandoned the barren wasteland they once called home. Looking to return to Earth, the humans send a reconaissance robot to find new signs of life. Wall-E becomes captivated by the sophisticated new robot and follows her to the spaceship humans have now colonized. The film touches on more than just environmental issues as it brings to our attention many of today's biggest American dilemmas such as obesity, pollution, and the overwhelming power of media and technology.

Happy Feet

While this film may not seem immediately environmental, it does touch on the issue of overfishing and how it affects animals. The story revolves around Mumble, an outcast penguin that lacks the gift of song that penguins are all born with. In spite of this, he can outdance many of the other penguins but is looked upon as an odd ball. This strange gift is then blamed for their lack of food supply but Mumble knows better and sets off on a journey to try and reason with the local fisherman who are depleting their food supply.

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