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Environment and Song Can Change The World


Music is in the air! Raza has a song that he wants to add a choir to. Here's what he has to say:

I have a beautiful song about the environment titled “I Wanna Be There”. The song speaks from my heart. I have put my heart and soul and all my energy into this song to make it sound beautiful and expressive so it speaks to masses.
Now the challenge for me is to reproduce the audio with large choir, produce the video of this song that will be as compelling as the song, publish this amazing song, and market the song and video to the world.

He started a band at the age of 18. As the lead singer and guitarist, he created 3 albums and had 5 #1 hit's from his last album.

Budget Break Down

Here is the break down of this project.
1- Audio Production: Studio recording, mixing and mastering .....estimated $1,500
2- Video Production (includes payments for video equipment & crew, producers and directors, video editing, special effects, auditorium, lights, stage, musicians, choir, string section, background vocals, dancers, includes rehearsals, recording and editing, post production..... estimated $13,500)
3- Publishing and Marketing ...... estimated $10,000
4- Kickstarter charges 5% fee and 3-5% credit card processing fee, which should approximately be $1250

I want to engage people and want them to think and care more about the environment, because the environment that we will live in is our past, present and future. Without the healing of the environment we and our children will see many unpleasant changes effecting the health of human populations globally. So it is our responsibility to emphasize as much as we can, the need to heal our planet. My song is a message to me and you, that we need to educate ourselves on how to take care of our health and our planet, because it's all related.

He has performed all over the world. Now it's time for the world to hear his music.

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