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Environment alert: Triclosan banned in Minnesota

Triclosan “can disrupt hormones critical for reproduction and development, at least in lab animals, and contribute to the development of resistant bacteria,” according to a report from msn news.

Triclosan banned in Minnesota

You know all of those soaps and hair products that make you germ free, well they are not good for the water. There are indications that it messes up hormones and creates anomalies in animals. If it isn’t good for fish, it isn’t good for people. So much so that Minnesota is the first state to tell Procter and Gamble to knock it off. Responsible consumer product producers should be trusted to do their homework before marketing products as being safe when they know that they are not.

Think about all of that stuff that you use in the bathroom in the morning, and the cleaning products that you use to scrub your household. A good rule of thumb might be, if you can’t eat it, don’t use it, because it is going down the drain and into your water supply.

Why is this story an “outdoor” one? It is because what we do at home affects the environment.

Water Quality Reports

We’re committed to providing residents with a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water. We test water using sophisticated equipment and advanced procedures. The Water, Sewer, Streets Bureau meets state and federal standards for water quality. This annual “Consumer Confidence Report,” required by the Safe Drinking Water Act from the Environmental Protection Agency, tells you where your water comes from, what our tests show about it and other things you should know about drinking water.

Arlington’s water meets or surpasses all state and federal drinking water standards.

Average Levels of Compounds in Arlington’s Drinking Water

Hardness: 7.5 grains/gal or 128 mg/L
pH: 7.7
Chloramine Residual: 2.8 ppm
Fluoride: 0.7 ppm
Sodium: 22 ppm
Nickel: 2.1 ppb
Calcium: 39 mg/L
Chloride: 32 mg/L
Magnesium: 7 mg/L
Sulfate: 47 mg/L”

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