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Entwined community: Save money while supporting businesses owned by twins/multiples

Support twin/multiples owned businesses
Support twin/multiples owned businesses

Does it seem like multiples are everywhere? It should. According to National Vital Statistics Reports, there were 138,961 twin births, 5,967 triplet births, 369 quadruplets and 91 quintuplets born in the United States in 2007. The number of twins born has more than doubled since 1980! Parents of multiples share a common bond but they also do other things besides raise two, three, four, or more children at a time. They have jobs and many own their own businesses.

Alicia Crowther is one of those parents of multiples. She is the mother of fraternal triplets—two boys and a girl— born in 2008. After the babies were born, she realized it would be nearly impossible to return to work full time, so she started her own research consulting business Crowther Research Services. She started wondering how many multiple birth families across the nation were like hers and started their own businesses after the birth of twins, triplets or more. A few months later Alicia was helping her local mothers of multiples club, East Las Vegas/Henderson Mothers of Multiples, prepare for its annual raffle. Alicia was contacting local businesses for raffle donations, and a few of the business owners mentioned they were either twins themselves or the parents of multiples. Realizing there were so many twin/multiples owned businesses even in her local community that she was unaware of, Alicia continued planning how she could help these businesses connect with new customers and market themselves specifically as a twin/multiples owned business. What would happen if the multiples community vowed to support each other’s businesses? This became the central concept of entwined community—a membership community where multiple birth families pledge to support twin/multiples owned businesses, and businesses in return offer discounts to help families save money. You’ve heard of “buy green” or “buy local”, now it’s time to “buy multiples”!

Entwined community is a membership based community where individuals who are twins/multiples or parents of multiples can join for $15/year and get a membership card, which gives them discounts at twin/multiples businesses. Businesses that are owned by twins/multiples can join for $35/year, and they must offer some type of discount to card holding members either online or in person.

Additional benefits of membership for both businesses and individual members include a free monthly newsletter with articles and advice from entwined community members and member businesses on starting a business, working from home with multiples, and more, as well as access to a Big Tent group where members can network and participate in forums related to work/professional life.

With so many multiples families in our communities, this is a fabulous way for individuals and businesses to make meaningful connections with this very special group of people (twins/multiples, parents of multiples, etc.). Entwined community members can find hundreds of sites online for multiple birth families, but this is the ONLY online community of its kind dedicated not only to supporting twin/multiples owned businesses, but providing advice and support for twins/multiples and parents of multiples related to work and professional life.

The entwined community website is scheduled to launch today, August 23. Alicia is working with several partners to arrange giveaways of memberships during the launch of her site. The first giveaway is being hosted by Double Up Books and starts today.

Besides being a mother of triplets and a business entrepreneur, Alicia is also the 3rd Vice President for the East Las Vegas/Henderson Mothers of Multiples Club and is on the Research Committee for the National Organization of Mothers of Multiples Clubs (NOMOTC). You can contact Alicia through the entwined community website, on Facebook or Twitter.

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