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Entrepreneurs pick happiness over riches

Entrepreneurs have a reputation for following their dreams. Therefore, it’s no surprise that in survey results released today, April 22 by Manta and Dell that entrepreneurs are motivated by personal achievement more than financial stability.

The survey, conducted jointly by Manta and Dell, polled 3,025 small business owners on small business “firsts.” Respondents answered the question “What motivates you to be a successful business owner?” with 37 percent citing personal achievement/lifelong dream and 27 percent being driven by financial stability. Being able to give back to the community (12 percent), great customers (10 percent) and peer recognition (1 percent) were other reasons cited.

Almost half of respondents, 49 percent, decided to start their own businesses while they were at work, reinforcing the notion that entrepreneurs are mavericks. Meanwhile, 16 percent made the decision at their kitchen table, while nearly a quarter – 24 percent – responded that they were somewhere else.

And when we talk about springing forward, that’s what over a third of small business owners did. Starting a business in spring was what 34 percent of respondents did, while 23 percent started in fall, 22 percent chose winter, and 21 percent started up in the summer. These hardy entrepreneurs made their first investments in technology: over half of them (53 percent) purchased desktop or laptop computers to start their new ventures, while only 13 percent snagged new scanners, faxes or printers and 9 percent went with new smartphones.

To access the full survey results with the rest of the entrepreneurial firsts, click here.

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