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Entrepreneurial opportunity and the pet-chicken market

Various chicken accessories hit the market.
A line of chicken-wear debuted in Japan earlier this year

Even the Wall Street Journal is picking up the story of the pet chicken trend.

Today's issue features an article on the business opportunities within the pet chicken market and how the trend is taking off.

Hobby markets often find the adage about necessity being the mother of invention accurate, but successful entrepreneurs know how to take it to the next rung: profit from that invention.

The Wall Street Journal article details the story of several inspired businesses that saw a need and found a way to create a business based in the passion they had for the hobby of chicken-keeping. What could be better than doing what you love while helping others enjoy it more?

From diapers for chickens to model while walking around the house, to starter kits which include the coop and four chicks, the pet chicken industry is taking off such that My Pet Chicken is expecting $1 million revenue this year. Look for chicken accoutrements in a pet store near you!

For more info: Check out the Wall Street Journal's Fowl Fans See Golden Eggs in Catering to Pet-Chicken Market


  • Chelsea 5 years ago

    Great Job!

    ~Sundown Silkies~

  • Chris 5 years ago

    Chicken wear! I love it.

  • Kansas City Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    I saw that picture and burst out laughing! :)

  • esbee 5 years ago

    I hope these people who want pet chickens are aware of what the USDA is trying to do to all who want any kind of farm animal, be it pet or for food. The USDA is pushing a program called NAIS (national animal identification system) where every US citizen who owns even one farm type animal, horse, cow pig goat, chicken etc etc will have to register their premises with the govt (which negates private ownership), microchip every critter, file reports on all births deaths and off property movement and face depopulation should disease be suspected. All this just so corporate ag (who does not have to follow these rules) can say the hormone filled meat they raise on factory farms is safe. The Amish in WI have already been arrested for refusing to do this. Due to public outrage the USDA says NAIS has been cancelled but is only changing the name, not the intent. see nonais dot org for more info

  • revolutionmama 4 years ago

    I have a pirate print fabric chicken diaper for my Sussex - so cute!
    Thumbs up esbee for letting people know about NAIS

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