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Entrepreneur Ryan Glen tackles abuse in book 'Abused by the Thought of Leaving'

Entrepreneur Ryan Glen [photo courtesy of Ryan Glen; used by permission]
Entrepreneur Ryan Glen [photo courtesy of Ryan Glen; used by permission]
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Singer, songwriter, speaker, application developer and all around entrepreneur Ryan Glen speaks out about a taboo subject matter in his upcoming book "Abused by the Thought of Leaving". Abuse has been a topic that has been pushed under the rug for years because of fear. Women, children and even men have been subjected to emotional, sexual. mental and or physical abuse. Ryan Glen uses his platform to address something that is well known but not talked about.

Abuse isn't something that only happens to the less affluent or those with a particular social status. This matter is widespread and effects everyday people as well as high profile individuals. Women and children bear the brunt of abuse at the hand of people that want to feel superior. Most often the abuse is generational and come from the hand of family and close friends. Men are typically the aggressors even though there are women who have engaged in such behavior. After investigation of various cases, those same men had been victims of some form of abuse themselves. This does not excuse them, but it is to help them.

Dealing with abuse and it's aftermath has been somewhat complex. Perhaps due to the victims living in fear of retaliation from the aggressors or in regards to children, adults don't pay attention to the signs or they don't investigate when a child divulges this sensitive information. For some victims,unfortunately, death became their escape, whether it was suicide or at the hand of the aggressor. Know that there is always help. Contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline or Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline if you are a victim or know of someone being abused. There is never an excuse legitimate to warrant abuse of any kind.

Over the years, entrepreneur Ryan Glen has garnered success and awards for his plethora of endeavors. He's created national and international attention with his game applications, UnWord and Word Palooza, found on iTunes. Currently, Ryan has been working on a new business venture, Bizibid, which he exclaims is the " for the service industry". Bizibid will soon be revealed to the general public in the near future. As Mr. Glen juggles his many business hats, he's penning a riveting novel addressing abuse.

Ryan Glen's passion for writing is undeniable. "Abused by the Thought of Leaving" was born from a revelation he received from God. He began pouring himself into researching and gathering testimonials from victims to bring his fictional main character Winter Mildred to life. Even though the character is fictional, her experiences are real. Ryan's realistic style of writing transports the reader as if they are there themselves.

Due for release later this year, "Abused by the Thought of Leaving" is sure to be a New York Times best seller. Whether Ryan Glen is developing mobile applications, holding speaking engagements or creating new business ventures, he contributes his time to worthy causes including walking to support Kile's World, a non-profit named in honor of celebrity entrepreneur ex-wife of Usher Raymond, Tameka Raymond's son Kile Glover, who passed away after a boat accident in 2012. In dedication to the victims of abuse, Ryan Glen salutes them for their bravery to come out and for sharing their testimony of survival to bring awareness to those who silently suffer.

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