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Entomologists discover spiders that use dead bugs and debris to build statues

The Wired Science website reports a story about a unique species of spiders that reside in Peru and the Philippines. Scientists have discovered an artistic spider that builds spider sculptures from dead insects and debris. Scientists will need more time to learn why these spiders build these masterpieces. Is it a decoy or some type of artistic statement? For now, no one has any answers.

Entomologists discover spiders that use dead bugs and debris to build statues.
Wired Science website

In 2014, entomologists Lary Reeves and Phil Torres will try to unearth this mysterious spider ritual. Odd enough, Reeves says this new Cyclosa species isn’t the only spider with an eye for architecture. Reeves says another artistic species was discovered in the Philippines.

Reeves says both species make similar decoys, but the architecture is different. The Philippine spider’s signature is to create the legs to point outward while the Peru spider legs point south.

Reeves says he walked past a web and saw a spider in the middle. He backtracked for a second look and realized it was a decoy. The decoy was the size of a half-dollar and made of debris and dead insects. He found the eight legged sculptor hiding in the abdomen of his masterpiece.

Reeves and Torres are planning on using cameras on follow-up visits to capture more data about these eight-legged architects.

Read more about these fascinating spiders at the Wired website.

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