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Entertainment Weekly's list of "must see" fall films is flat

Entertainment Weekly as of August 22, 2010 has released a list of films that are set to be released in the fall that are supposed to be of the utmost quality. Naturally the staff of Entertainment Weekly are supposed to know best what movies we should see. Looking at the trailers for each however, few of these “must-see” films are really “must-see”.

With that being said, I will present to my list of films out of their list of films that are worth seeing for the fall:

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Yes this is a sequel to an 80’s film that didn’t need a sequel. Michael Douglas however still has the chops to play sleazy white guys who run the world through Wall Street. Shia LaBeouf takes over as his foil with tons of conversations expected to transverse about right and wrong in regards to the world of stocks and finance. This is the kind of movie he’s been wanting to do.

Does he do it? Time will tell.


A U.S. Truck Driver in Iraq is kidnapped and buried underground in a coffin with only his cell phone, a lighter and a short amount of time to escape his plight. Ryan Reynolds must have thought the concept wasn’t workable considering the film takes place entirely in the coffin. I would have too and would have probably kicked myself for passing on the project.

Love and Other Drugs

Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t had a hit in awhile. The Prince Of Persia film tanked and there obviously won’t be a Brokeback Mountain 2. This film, which co-stars Anne Hathaway is involves sex, viagra and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s cutesy, but it feels a bit more real..

Tron: Legacy

The early 1980’s groundbreaking Disney film that first brought out computers into the special effects arena has a sequel now. The plot of the sequel is that the son of Jeff Bridges character (who starred in the original film) finds himself transported digitally into the same universe that his father found himself in. Pretty much the same thing happens as in the last film with a bit of the old father-meets-long-lost-son bit.

The computer effects look cool and it could be a hit for Disney.

Four films out of the 25 made it. I'm sure the Narnia film that's coming out in the fall will make some money, but I think we've overloaded on the fantasy multi-part epics. Other than that (and the four I have chosen) their list of must-see's is pretty much a list of "don't-see's".

Try harder next year Hollywood.


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